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ISIS Murders a Family of 8 Christians Including Children by Shooting Them in the Face

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:

ISIS Murders Christian Family 1

by, Cath Martin | Christian Today | h/t Theo @ Shoebat.com & Kev Hackett @ NFSE

The vicar of the only Anglican church in Iraq fears ISIS is literally getting away with murder in Iraq as the world turns its gaze to fighting between Israel and Hamas.

Canon Andrew White, vicar of St George’s church in Baghdad, said in a newsletter published by the Catholic News Service that ISIS was free to do what it wanted as the world’s attention remained fixed on the latest conflict in Gaza.

ISIS militants have taken over Mosul and other parts of Iraq, causing thousands of Christians to flee after they were told to convert, pay a jizhya tax or else be killed.

Canon White said that although the situation was serious for Iraqis under ISIS, it was “very easy to feel forgotten”.

“The Islamic State simply said we can do anything now the…

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ISIS Committing a ‘..Christian Holocaust..’ in Iraq: Children are Now Being Beheaded (Video)

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:

ISIS Beheading a Child 1

Leader of the Chaldean Community, Mark Arabo describes the ‘..Christian Holocaust..’ he witnessed in Iraq. ISIS is beheading Christian children, raping Christian women and enslaving (or) hanging the Christian men…

This is “exactly” how Muhammad treated the Jews and Christians.

Video courtesy of: LoneWolf Sager 

Christianity in Iraq..

Video courtesy of: RT America

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Turkish poet: “Islam is worse than Nazism”

From Jihad Watch
By    |   Aug 3, 2014 at 4:31pm
SerkanEngin2Note from Robert Spencer: When Serkan Engin sent me this piece and asked me to publish it, I asked him if this could endanger him in Turkey. He responded, “I am ready to die.” I certainly hope that he encounters no difficulty as a result of making these public statements; what happens to him now will be a test of the health of the freedom of speech and Kemalist secularism in rapidly re-Islamizing Turkey. It is certainly not possible to say such things in the U.S. today without charges of “racism” and “bigotry,” without any discussion of whether there are Islamic texts and teachings that justify violence and hatred: the question cannot even be asked.

It should also be noted that I do not agree with Serkan Engin’s call for Islam to be outlawed. In the U.S., at least (to say nothing of Turkey or elsewhere), we do not outlaw ideas, and do not employ Thought Police. The criminalizing of thought is a hallmark of the totalitarian state. Even at the height of the Cold War, Communism was not outlawed. Once a people grants to the government the power to declare certain ideas illegal, that power can be turned against good ideas, to the detriment of the people. What needs to be done in response to jihad violence and Islamic supremacism today is an aggressive prosecution of any and all actions dedicated to subverting the republic; that is, however, not being done.

In any case, I may not agree with everything Serkan Engin says, but I will defend to the death his right to speak his mind. That is the fundamental principle of the freedom of speech, and the indispensable foundation of any free society. It is rapidly being lost.
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Timeline of ISIS in Mosul

From AINA News
Posted 2014-07-29 15:57 GMT

The Arabic letter “n” (inside red circle), signifying “Nasarah” (Christian), on a Christian home in Mosul.
(AINA) — The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) captured the city of Mosul, Iraq on June 10. Almost immediately thereafter it began to drive Assyrians out of Mosul and destroy Christian and non-Sunni institutions. Here is the status as of July 29:
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Ramadan Bombathon 2014

Muslimah Jihadis in Syria Call on ISIS for More Slaughter: ISIS Answers the Call (Video)

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:

ISIS Muslimah Jihadis in Homs, Syria

by, J. Schuyler Montague | sharia unveiled

A group of female Muslim terrorists recently called on ISIS to return to Homs, Syria in force and assist them in slaughtering the resistance and establishing the Islamic khilafah.

ISIS answered the call by murdering hundreds of innocent Syrians.

Video courtesy of: Ibn Umar

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Uh, Obama, What Muslim Contributions to American Life?

Originally posted on Rat Nation:

Thank a Muslim

And what is your contribution?

Barack Obama really lives in his own fantasy world:

On Sunday, President Obama and First Lady Michelle released a statement thanking Muslim Americans for their many “achievements and contributions… to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.” SOURCE – Breitbart

I dare Obama to name one contribution that strengthens the core of our democracy considering we have a republic.  And no, flying airplanes into buildings thus waking Americans out of a stupor doesn’t count.

Building the very fabric of the nation?  Muslims were not a significant factor in the United States until the last 50 years.  By then the very fabric of the nation was already built.  As for culture, other than mosques popping up, what contributions have there been?  Is there a Muslim film industry?  Literature beyond “400 Ways to Build Your Own Bomb”?  Any architectural achievements?…

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al-Malāḥim Media presents a new video message from al-Qā’idah in the Arabian Peninsula: “Repelling the Transgressor #5″

Originally posted on JIHADOLOGY:

NOTE: For earlier parts in this video series see: #4#3#2 and #1.



Source: https://twitter.com/abdulahalmgahed/status/494005472505384960

To inquire about a translation for this video message for a fee email: azelin@jihadology.net

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ISIS’s Black Flags Are Flying in Europe

ISIS Militants Behead At Least 50 Syrian Soldiers and Display Their Heads on Sticks Around Public Park (Video)

Originally posted on sharia unveiled:

ISIS Heads in Syria 1

                       ‘..Fresh IShish Kebabs £S 1 each..’

Note: Neither of the 2 videos in this article show any beheading taking place. Both videos are “after the fact.”

by, Live Leak

50 soldier’s of Syria’s 417 Division were beheaded and their heads put on poles.
Jihadists from the Islamic State group have killed at least 50 Syrian soldiers in an ambush, summarily executing most of them after their capture, a monitoring group says.

The assault in Raqa province, the jihadists’ Euphrates valley stronghold, came amid their fiercest assault yet on Damascus-held territory.

The deaths added to 74 already killed in the offensive across the north and northeast, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said on Friday (local time).

“At least 50 soldiers were ambushed, some of them were killed in fighting but most of them were beheaded,” Observatory director Rami Abdel…

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Where is America on Genocide of Hamas and ISIS?

Originally posted on raylanfear:

Where is America? Where is the Beacon of Light for the World? Where is religion freedom today? Who will defend that freedom? Just so sad when millions use to look up to us in America.

Now we have ISIS, in Syria, Lebanon, Iraq and soon other countries, giving a mandate to Jews, Christians and non believers to:

1. Conform and join Islam.
2. Pay a Tax
3. Move out of the country
4. Be killed, unless you do one of the above.

We either stand up for religious freedom for all or ISIS will simply take over more and more territory and get stronger and stronger, unless it is stopped now.

Something is very wrong in the World, when our priests, Jews and non Christians are being slaughtered and murdered in the name of “Allah”. We simply cannot hide from this issue in the 21st Century, and just expect ISIS…

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Islamic State calls for comic book artist’s death

From WND
19 July 2014

‘Who can kill Nayef Al- Mutawa who makes fun of Allah’s names?’

The Islamic State, the former Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, wants a Muslim psychiatrist who created cartoon characters based on Islam dead.

The Kuwait Times reported the Islamic State announced in a series of Twitter posts it was seeking the killing of Nayef Al-Mutawa, promising “whoever finds him, kill him, and he will be rewarded.”
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Obama Administration Suppresses Talk of Muslim Persecutions

From Gatestone Institute
By Raymond Ibrahim   |     July 14, 2014 at 5:00 am

Muslim Persecution of Christians, March 2014

Why is the U.S. downplaying or denying attacks against Christians?

“What about the churches which were desecrated? Is this not blasphemy? Where is justice?” — Fr. James Channan OP, Director of The Peace Center, Lahore, Pakistan.

Members of the Islamic group al-Shabaab publicly beheaded the mother of two girls, ages 8 and 15, and her cousin after discovering they were Christians. The girls “were witnesses to the slaughter.” — Somalia.

“Christian teaching is extremely harmful to the mental health of the people.” — Kazakhstan.

Five years’ imprisonment and up to $20,000 in fines for educators if they…speak to a Muslim child of religions other than Islam. — Brunei

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