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Here they are: Hillary’s 22 biggest scandals ever

From WND
18 May 2015


During his 1992 campaign for the presidency, Bill Clinton was fond of promising America, “You get two for the price of one,” indicating Hillary Clinton would act as his co-president.

But the nation got much more than it bargained for, as the top power couple brought a load of baggage with them into the White House from their days in Arkansas.

After the Clintons moved into the presidential mansion, the political scandals multiplied – from use of the IRS and FBI to target political opponents to stalking and harassing subjects of Bill Clinton’s sexual advances and even attempts to loot taxpayer-funded items from the White House. Americans also witnessed capers such as Travelgate, Chinagate, Filegate and Pardongate.
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DISGUSTING!!!! Transgender Caught Taking Pictures of 13-yr-old girls at TX Target

From Freedom Daily
By American Infidel
This is what happens when you let your daughters use the bathrooms at Target! How insane is it that an LGBT group is now describing “pedophilia” as “sexual orientation”??? All part of Obama’s fundamental transformation of America, no doubt. Insane!

A transgender ‘woman’’, James Goebel, was caught taking photos of teens girls using the restroom at a Dallas area Target store.

One of the victims, a 13 year old girl, said she could hear someone’s iphone camera snapping and was curious, so she looked under the stall only to see the camera phone in her face. She ran out and told her father, who held the door shut until police arrived.

When authorities arrived, they arrested 28 year old James Goebel and searched her phone for evidence. They found over 700 photos of young girls using the restroom, from dates ranging in the past 5 months.

Dallas’s local LGBT community has come together to stand in defence with Goebel, claiming she should not be persecuted because she was “born a pedophile and therefore can not change her sexual orientation”. This comment comes from the leader of Dallas’s LGBT Aqua Squad, Dorothy Wright.

The United States does not currently view pedophilia as a sexual orientation, but this is something that Dallas LGBT Aqua Squad is hoping to change.

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Published on Feb 12, 2016

This video shows Real Life Heroes. Try to watch this video without crying compilation. This video with restore your faith in humanity! There are some great powerful acts of kindness. Thank you for watching real life heroes.

RUFF LIFE By Arthur Yoria | A Homeless Puppy Rescue

Published on Aug 26, 2015

RUFF LIFE is the closing credits song for the new documentary, Operation Houston #StrayDogCity from Tom McPhee, Man Smiling Moving Pictures, and the World Animal Awareness Society & WA2S Films. Watch the video of Rita’s rescue and adoption here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie3pd…

Rita would be grateful if you made a contribution to the Operation Houston Fund that will go to help her homeless friends still on the street: http://www.WA2S.org/donate

This is the music video created for the song and below is the story of how it came to be.

The morning WA2S Films set out with Houston musical artist Arthur Yoria (who is working on the sound track for Operation Houston) to film a video to go along with the original song RUFF LIFE which will be the closing song for our Houston Documentary. We had a neighborhood in mind however sometimes life affords you opportunities that can’t be denied.

As is typical when we spot a stray on any route we are driving, we pulled over at the sight of 3 dogs. Oddly, Tom, John and I each saw a different dog at first glance! The smallest of the 3 dogs was interested in us and came to see what was up. We didn’t see the two others until they made their getaway down the street and around the corner.

When we realized that we had pulled into an old “club” or “banquet facility” depending on which sign you believed, and looked around, it was clear that this would be the set for the music video for RUFF LIFE. As the gear was set-up Arthur kept our stray nearby with the smell of what was left of a breakfast sandwich.

This little gal was just beautiful – a mixed breed, but on the smaller side. She had beautiful eyes and a lovely colored coat, though she was covered in fleas. We knew she needed help and I took to the phones trying to reach one of the Rescues we film with as this puppy could not be left behind. She was young, only about 8 weeks old we found out later, with her whole life ahead of her…. on the streets…. or maybe not!

She was the perfect actress for the role of stray dog in the video and over the course of the filming, as often times happens on the set; the musician falls for the actress and vice versa. Arthur could not fathom completing the shoot and leaving his adorable co-star behind to life on the streets with an uncertain future. Arthur decided to rescue this stray off the streets of Sunnyside in Houston. The obvious name for our starlet was Rita Hayworth!

I (Deanna Vollano) reached Yvette, with Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward, who was happy to help us care for Rita Hayworth and ready her for a new family. We met Yvette, who took the puppy with her and bathed her, gave her shots, de-wormer and is now flea free as well. We can’t thank her enough for taking time on such short notice today to meet us and care for Rita Hayworth! WA2S is filming with Forgotten Dogs of the Fifth Ward in the morning and Yvette will bring Rita Hayworth so that Arthur can take her to her new home!

Besides an awesome stray dog rescue, which is truly the highlight of the day, we filmed for what will be an amazing music video to the song that is now called “Ruff Life (Rita Hayworth).” It was a magical day!

Get into Arthur Yoria’s music here: http://www.ArthurYoria.com

Café owners get threats after Islamic ‘hate’ accusation

From WND
By Bob Unruh | 29 April 2016

Restaurateur denies women told to leave ‘because’ they are Muslim

…being publicly accused of being anti-Muslim these days can trigger violence.

A controversy has erupted following a Muslim woman’s claim that she and her friends were asked to leave a popular California restaurant after 45 minutes because they are Muslim, with the owner rejecting the accusation and his lawyer warning that such charges can prompt criminal acts against his clients.

“This appears to be inciting violence against our client,” lawyer Larry Klayman told WND of the dispute that erupted between a customer, Sara Farsakh, and the Urth Café in Laguna Beach.

Here’s one image of a threat, warning the “clock is ticking:”
Farsakh posted a video on Facebook suggesting she and her friends were discriminated against because they are Muslim, and shortly after the Council on American-Islamic Relations for the Los Angeles area got involved.
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Official who penalized ‘Sweetcakes’ accused of violating Constitution

From WND
By Bob Unruh | 30 April 2016

Bakery owners punished with $135,000 fine for refusing to violate Christian faith


An Oregon state official and his agency violated the U.S. Constitution in multiple ways when they assessed a $135,000 penalty against Sweetcakes by Melissa bakery owners Aaron and Melissa Klein for refusing to violate their Christian faith by creating a wedding cake for a lesbian duo, according to a new appeal filed in the long-running case.

“In America, you’re protected by the Constitution, and you’re also innocent until proven guilty,” said Kelly Shackelford, president of First Liberty Institute, which is working on the Kleins’ case.
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Where ‘gays’ are heroes, pedophiles victims, Christians crazy

From WND
25 September 2016

Experts say morality’s continued ‘evolution’ has no limits

Traditional morality regarding sex isn’t just collapsing, it’s being inverted.

Homosexuals, whose behavior once was illegal and reviled, are heroes. Pedophiles, considered among the lowest of the low for millennia, are being characterized as victims.

And if you think there’s something wrong about all of this, you might have a mental disorder.

It’s a perspective that Paul Kengor, a university professor, historian and author of “Takedown: From Communists to Progressives, How the Left Has Sabotaged Family and Marriage,” argues is being pursued aggressively by Democrats.

“Once upon a time, you would have never seen a piece like this in a mainstream leftist publication like Salon. For that matter, you would have never seen a piece arguing that same-sex marriage should not only be legalized but that those against redefining marriage are mere bigoted hatemongers, or that a florist or baker or photographer who begs not to service a same-sex wedding ceremony because of religious objections should be fined, shut down or even thrown in jail. You couldn’t find a Democrat anywhere in Washington who believed such insanity.

“Now, it’s a statement of faith for Democrats today.”
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‘Democracy Awakening’: The Radical Left’s Latest Makeover

From FrontPage Magazine
April 25, 2016 | By John Perazzo

The same tired, pathetic tropes, repackaged as something new.

Have you heard about the latest intellectual “awakening” that’s being led by a brand new “progressive” movement called Democracy Awakening? Oh, it’s a real thrill, loaded with a host of bold, fresh ideas that’ll make you downright grateful for the fact that such brilliant folks are looking out for you. Ideas like these:

  • repealing all Voter ID laws, on the premise that they’re nothing more than racist schemes designed to disenfranchise nonwhite minorities;
  • overhauling every facet of the criminal-justice system—police, prosecutors, courts, and prisons—on grounds that they are currently infested with racism and discrimination against blacks and Hispanics;
  • supporting the agendas of the Black Lives Matter movement, which detects white racism lurking around every corner and hiding under every rock;
  • permitting Washington, DC to have representation in the U.S. House, Senate, and Electoral College, so as to further empower the Democratic Party;
  • implementing publicly funded elections, thereby preventing citizens and corporations from donating money to the political candidates of their choice;
  • striking a blow to the military-industrial complex” by gutting the national defense budget and redirecting those dollars to a bloated welfare state; and
  • depriving Americans of their Second Amendment right to bear arms.

What’s that you say? You’ve heard all this before, a thousand times, from the mouths of a thousand left-wing activists and political candidates seeking to erode American liberties? Don’t tell that to the good folks at Democracy Awakening. It might hurt their feelings. They kinda like thinking of themselves as intellectual trailblazers.
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Prophet Muhammad Visits Israel 2012

Published on May 18, 2012

Based on Monty Python’s Life of Brian. Created as part of ‘Draw Muhammad Day III’ and dedicated to Muslims with a sense of humor and to those in the Muslim world which have been jailed, executed and persecuted for criticizing the religion of Peace.

REAL LIFE HEROES | A Man, His Van and a Mission to Help the Homeless

Published on Apr 14, 2014

Aaron Reddin is the founder of The One, Inc., a non-profit that delivers food, blankets, water and supplies to homeless people in four cities across the country.

The One, Inc.

Люди приходят на помощь – 4. People come to the rescue – 4. La gente viene al rescate – 4

Angel’s Hunk of the Month | Denzel Washington

Coalition: Park Ranger Uniforms ‘Threatening’ Latinos – Have ‘Cultural Implications’

From CNS News
By Eric Scheiner | April 29, 2016
screen_shot_2016-04-29_at_3.09.58_pmNational Park Rangers stand by their vehicles in the National Park Service photo. Some claim the ranger uniform looks similar to those in immigration enforcement.
(CNSNews.com) – A coalition of legislators and civil rights groups say the National Park Service needs to focus on increasing inclusion on public lands, including possibly changing the “threatening” uniforms of Park Rangers.

“What we’re calling for is drastic, very scary change,” Maite Arce of the Hispanic Access Foundation said at a press conference Thursday.

“One example I can give you is with the Latino community, especially among the border states, but even nationwide, just the simple color of the uniforms that rangers wear.”
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