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History of Jihad against Nigeria, Mauritania, Chad, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and Central Africa (1784 – Ongoing)  [26 Dec, 2012]

As a nation, Nigeria has suffered the most devastating assaults in 2012 from the hands of the “peaceful” Jihadis of Islam. And this is not something new to the Nigerians and the people belonging to surrounding regions. Instead, it has history that goes paste hundreds of year. As Nigeria’s Christians pick themselves up not only from heavily battered years, but also another tragic Christmas, let us review the prolonged history of Jihadi barbarism against Nigeria and neighbouring countries.

History of Jihad against the Greeks (1450-1853)  [28 Sep, 2008]

How the Greeks manfully resisted and rolled back the Turkish Jihadi onslaught on Greece.

The History of Jihad against Austria (1500 – 1683)  [19 Aug, 2008]

How the Jihad nearly overran Austria in 1683, threatening the Islamization of Europe. But in 1683 the Day was carried by Jan Sobeiski the Christian Braveheart from Poland who saved Austria and Europe from Islam.

History of Jihad against the Turks (650-1050)  [13 Mar, 2008]

How the Turks shed their blood, fighting the Jihad for Four Hundred years and finally gave up and embraced Islam, and later became the tormentors themselves to carry the bloodied tradition of Jihad into Anatolia (modern Turkey) and the Balkans up to Austria.

History of Jihad against the Poles, Lithuanians, Belarusians and Ukrainians (1444 -1699)   [12 Jan, 2008]

The valiant saga of how the Poles Lithuanians, Belarusians and Ukrainians delivered stunning defeats to the Turkish Jihadis and under Jan Sobieski tamed the Ottoman Turkish wild beasts outside the walls of Vienna to ultimately drive them out of Central Europe

History of Jihad against the Nubians – modern Sudanese, Ethiopians, Eritreans and Somalis (640 – 2004) [08 Dec, 2007]

How the ancient Nubians for the first time in Islamic history used guerilla tactics to utterly defeat the Jihad, but their struggle continues today in the conflicts of the Arabized Northern Sudanese with the Christian Dinka tribesmen of Southern Sudan, and with the Muslim but non-Arabized, darker-skinned tribesmen of Darfur who were forcibly converted to Islam late in the 18th century when Areadi Gaya, the ruler of Futa Bandu State in Western Sudan was forced to embrace Islam after he was defeated by the Mamelukes of Egypt.

History of Jihad against the Armenian and Georgian Christians (1071–1920)  [26 Oct, 2007]

How the Turkish Jihadis overran the homeland of the Armenians and occupied it (present day Eastern Turkey) and massacred the Armenian Christians in Cold Blood right up to the 20th century!

History of Jihad against the Hindus of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh (638 — Ongoing)  [23 Sep, 2007]

How the Jihadis mercilessly vandalized Hindus of Pakistan, India and Bangladesh and wiped out Hinduism from some parts of India viz., Pakistan and Bangladesh.

History of the Jihad against Germany (1529 – Ongoing)  [30 Jul, 2007]

How the Germans narrowly escaped a Turkish Invasion in the 16th century, when the Ottomans had neared Posen (Poznan) and besieged Vienna, on the borders of Prussia. And how after the end of the World War 2, the massive reconstruction efforts of the country allowed millions of Turks to come to Germany as migrant laborers, followed by Pakistanis, Afghans, and Arabs who came citing persecution in the home countries followed by the hordes of Arab students, some of whom hatched the 9/11 conspiracy in German student hostels and participated in that heinous act on that fateful day of 9/11/2001 The Germans have taken a challenging step by opening their society to Muslim immigration from 1945 onwards, and have made the Muslims a threat to civilized life in Germany preparing the making of Germany in to an Eurabia (European Arabia)

History of the Jihad against Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand & Philippines (1441 –)  [03 Jul, 2007]

How the Malaysians fought against the Jihadis in the 15th century to finally succumb to the Jihad, and how today the Malaysian Jihadis are plotting to transform Malaysia into an Islamic Caliphate and fomenting trouble in Southern Thailand.

History of Jihad against the Italians in Rome & Sicily (812 -1571)  [15 May, 2007]

The fierce struggle of how the Franks, Normans, Venetians and the Knights of Malta doughtily faced the Arabs and the Turkish Jihadis on land and sea, finally defeating them in both theaters.

History of Jihad against the Egyptian Coptic Christians (640-655)  [18 April, 2007]

How the Jihadis vandalized this ancient land and wiped out Christianity as well as the ancient culture of Egypt – leaving only the massive Pyramids and the Sphinx as mute witness to the glory of Egypt before it was vandalized by the Arab Muslims.

History of Jihad against the Franks (France) [732-740]  [22 Mar, 2007]

The saga of how the Franks decisively defeated the Jihadis just 300 miles from Paris and saved Europe from the flames of Islam.

History of Jihad against the Serbs, Croats, and Albanians [1389 to 1920]  [05 Mar, 2007]

How the Serbs suffered under the Turkish Jihad but fought back tenaciously to reverse Islam from the Balkans

History of Jihad against the Mongols (1050-1258) [15 Feb, 2007]

The relatively unknown story of how the Jihadis tormented the Mongols and Turks leading to a fierce and vicious counter-attack by the Mongols on Islamdom from 1200 to 1258. An attack that was fiercer than the Crusades and which nearly wiped out Islam.

Hitler and Khamenei : Nazis of Yesterday and Qazis and Ghazis of Today!  [05 Feb, 2007]

Iranian Hide-n-seek with the EU on its Nuclear gameplan is a flashback to Hitler’s game of using Flying Clubs to build the Luftwaffe?

History of Jihad against the Russians (1444-1918)  [25 Jan 2007]

How the Russians started as victims of the Muslim Turks and finally victimized the Turks to roll back their invasion of Ukraine and the Balkans.

History of Jihad against the Byzantine Christians of Syria, Jordan and Turkey (634-1453)  [15 Jan 2007]

How the Jihad ravaged Christian Byzantium for 800 years, and how valiantly the Byzantine Christians held back the Arab and Turkish hordes, saving Europe from Islam.

The History of Jihad against the Spanish and the Portuguese (711-1492)  [08 Jan 2007]

The bloodied saga of how the Spanish initially fell before the Jihad, but rose once again to liberate their homeland from the Jihadis and reaffirm Spain as a Christian nation.

History of Jihad against the Buddhist Chinese (650 -751)  [04 Jan 2007]

How the Chinese faced the danger of a Muslim occupation of China in the 8th century and how the Arab-Persian Muslim Invasion was beaten back in spite of initial military reverses?




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