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Do Your Homework on Islam

by Ron McMullen, September 23, 2010

“I have put together a quiz, probably not one you would get in Comparative Religion or World History class:

  1. What great religion originated the term “jihad,” which means a permanent holy war against non-Muslims?
  2. What great religion since the mid-600s persecuted, executed, tortured, taxed, enslaved, beheaded and, more recently, bombed those who do not subscribe to their faith?
  3. Under the banner of what great religion, are men and, mostly, women buried up to their waists in dirt and stoned to death?
  4. What great religion permits and encourages the beating of a wife (with limits)?
  5. What great religion permits public flogging for a woman who shows too much skin?
  6. What great religion forces a divorce if one of the spouses defects from the faith?
  7. What great and peaceful religion orders the killing of any individual who attempts to mock or draw a caricature of the Prophet Mohammed or question the veracity of the Koran?
  8. What great religion promises 72 awaiting virgins in paradise for a young man to strap a bomb to himself and take as many innocent lives with him as he can?
  9. What great religion allows the killing of a relative because they have dishonored the family by converting, leaving the faith or simply walking down the street with someone other than a designated family member?
  10. What great religion permits fathers and grandfathers to have unfettered sexual access to their children and grandchildren based on a twisted interpretation of property rights?
  11. What great religion still permits female genital mutilation?
  12. What great religion teaches that deception is appropriate when it furthers their cause?
  13. Under the banner of what great religion has Iran executed more people other than China, and executed more juveniles than any other country? (One-hundred-forty minors are on death row).
  14. Under the cover of what great religion has Iran imprisoned more journalists than any other country?
  15. Under the banner of what great religion is incitement to the genocide of the Jewish people and the nation of Israel standard fare?
  16. Under what great religion is wearing a cross or Star of David rewarded with arrest or imprisonment?
  17. Under what great religion does the U.S. hold the title, “The Great Satan”?
  18. What great religion systematically defaces, destroys and builds over historical and archeological sites to remove any reminder of their existence (particularly Christian and Jewish sites)?”

4 responses to “Do Your Homework on Islam

  1. genomega1 2013-04-20 at 12:23 pm

    Reblogged this on News You May Have Missed and commented:
    Do Your Homework on Islam


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  3. alphadentist 2013-04-21 at 5:16 am

    I am at a loss for a definitive answer considering there are over 200 religions to choose from!! I am guessing but you seem to suggest Islam as the faith in question…perhaps if you read ,studied and reflected on the Qur’an you will realize the difference between religion , culture and mass media propaganda.Your imagery of the crusades needs a historical re-education which will sober your opinion.Use your intellect to spread peace and harmony.


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