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Exclusive: Satan, Obama, and the Muslim Brotherhood

There’s got to be a joke in that title somewhere…you know, like ‘Satan, Obama, and the Muslim Brotherhood walked into a bar…’

Below is an exclusive report by Angel for Taking Back America:

Mideast Egypt Muslim BrotherhoodMuslim Brotherhood

Tuesday Satan held a secret meeting with Obama and other members of the Muslim Brotherhood below a mosque in a No-Go Zone in Londonistan.

Now wouldn’t you have loved to have been a fly on the wall at that meeting?

As luck would have it a very smart and very anonymous infidel heard of the secret meeting and dispatched a fly drone to record the meeting from a spot on the wall out of reach of fly swatters. Unfortunately fly swatters was the least of the fly drones concerns. The heat in the room was so intense that the fly drone barely escaped being melted and most of the recording was damaged.  Fortunately for us the very smart and very anonymous infidel was able to retrieve some undamaged bits and pieces and this information was sent to Taking Back America.

Here is a brief run-down of what we know was discussed at this evil little get-together:

  • The meeting began with a prayer in Arabic. No translator was available and the only things we could make out clearly were the numerous farts and the shout of ‘Allah Akbar’ at the end.


  • Several attendees commented on how much Obama looked like Satan. Satan admitted to being Obama’s father. [Note to self: Call the National Enquirer and sell them this information. On second thought they probably already know and don’t care.]

obama-the-bible-satanLook at the resemblance. Uncanny, isn’t it?

  • Satan praised Obama for how well he has been systematically destroying America. Satan then went on to praise the Muslim Brotherhood for their unwavering dedication and hard work slaughtering non-Muslims, raping young girls and boys, spreading terror around the world and still – Satan seemed especially impressed –  managing to convince stupid Liberals that Islam is a religion of Peace.
  • Concerns about the lack of funds for more weapons to be used in more terrorist attacks were voiced and it was suggested by one attendee that they have a bake sale to raise money. Another attendee suggested a yard sale.  Obama suggested using the millions of taxpayer dollars that the United States sends to the Middle East and everyone agreed that was a better idea than a bake sale or yard sale.
  • There was talk about what to do with that “ugly fat bitch”. We’re assuming they were talking about Michelle [although there’s a possibility they might have been referring to Hillary].
  • One of the Muslim Brotherhood members invited everyone to an Adult Sex Toy party scheduled for next month. Everyone seemed especially excited to hear about two new products – life-size inflatable sheep and life-size inflatable  boys – that would be available for the discriminating Muslim when he’s on the road or hiding out in caves.
  • Lunch was served [we’re pretty sure pork wasn’t on the menu] and then someone remembered that it was the first day of Ramadan so lunch had to be postponed.
  • Beyoncé was brought in to perform a couple of songs.


  • After the performance Beyoncé was sent on her way and several of the attendees commented on how much Beyoncé looks like Satan. Satan admitted to being her father. [Note to self: Call the National Enquirer tomorrow and sell them this information.]  Obama was thrilled to find out he has a famous sister.
  • Satan then announced he had fathered – and this is a quote – “all of you ugly, vile, evil little Muslim bastards.”  And the Muslim Brotherhood rejoiced – except for one of the ugly, vile, evil little Muslim bastards who was very upset that Satan never paid child support.

Angry-Muslim-Man-2Angry ugly, vile, evil Muslim bastard son

  • They then watched porn movies including “The Pedophile Diaries”, “Jack Reacharound”, “Lord of the Cock Rings”, “Boy Toy Story” and “Rape Club”,  and played a video game entitled “Donkey Dong”.
  • Finally the moment they had all been waiting for. The lunch that was served and then un-served earlier in the day was re-served.  Everyone rejoiced.
  • They promised to get together for another secret meeting in three months. Satan said he would email the attendees with the exact date, time, and location.

We will try to bring you highlights of the next meeting [but only if we can find a smart and anonymous infidel who can hack into Satan’s email].
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