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I find it very disturbing that there have been numerous people calling for violence/protests/riots and for the death of George Zimmerman before and following the ‘Not Guilty’ verdict yesterday. I find it even more disturbing that there are tweets like “If you want to kill someone in America and avoid jail time, make sure to kill a young black man“, “It’s ‘n*gga season’“, “‘I hope they f**k Florida up. Kill that b***h Zimmerman’“,  “So we can all kill teenagers now? Just checking” and so on.

Wow! Really? Do you honestly believe that white people are sitting around saying, “Hey, dude, Zimmerman was found not guilty. Let’s go out and kill us some n*****rs because no jury will ever convict us.”  Are you people really that friggin’ STUPID?!?!?!?

And as if that isn’t bad enough Twitter vigilantes search, tweet fake George Zimmerman address … again and Atlanta Falcons’ Roddy White tweeted “Zimmerman jurors should go home and kill themselves“.

Where was the outrage after a 15-year old girl [who performed at Obama’s inauguration] was shot dead in Chicago or after a 6-month old was shot and killed or the other 11,104 other black people who were killed in the 513 days between Trayvon dying and the Zimmerman trial verdict?  Could it be there was no outrage or outpouring of support because the perpetrators weren’t white or hispanic?

Where was the outrage after a 20 year old was murdered for $10 and a cell phone or after 3 women were shot and killed in Atlanta or after an ex-Marine was beaten to death? Could it be there was no outrage or outpouring of support because the victims were white and the perpetrators were black?

Black Chicago Teen Killed, Possibly For Not Joining Gang.  Where Is The Justice For Him?

The ignorance and stupidity of so many people in this country never ceases to amaze me.

Thank God there are people like conservative Larry Elder and Rapper Lupe Fiasco who tweeted post-Zimmerman reality checks proving that not everyone in this country lacks intelligence or common sense.

Also see

The Real Truth About Black-On-Black Crime

More blacks in America are killed every year than the total number of U.S. service men and women that have died in ten years of armed conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. Moreover, 93% of blacks are killed by blacks. Chances are, you haven’t heard this from the Obama Media Group. Why not? They don’t want you to know the truth. Neither do Obama, Sharpton and Farrakhan.

Black mob violence and the media silence

America is the midst of an epidemic of racial mob violence and the media refuses to report it.

New Black Panther Party: ‘Anything Less Than Death for Zimmerman is Not Justice’

“Anything less than death for George Zimmerman is not justice,” Kojo Kayrallah told The Daily Caller Friday afternoon. Kayrallah, who identified himself as the Chief of Staff for the state of Florida said he and his group were here in Sanford seeking “justice for Trayvon.”

Russell Simmons: Guilty Or Not, Zimmerman ‘Will Ultimately Be Punished’ For Trayvon’s Death

Let’s be honest: the New Black Panthers, Calypso Louie Farrakhan, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Tingles Matthews, Michael Eric Dyson, the rest of MSNBC and Barack Obama don’t give a DAMN whether George Zimmerman is guilty or not – they want him to “pay” for the “murder” of St. Skittles – er – Trayvon Martin. End of story.

NAACP Demands Justice Department Charge Zimmerman With Civil Rights Violations

The NAACP, unhappy with the acquittal of George Zimmerman by an all female FL jury in the shooting of Trayvon Martin, is calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s Justice Department to push for civil right’s violations against George Zimmerman for violation Martin’s “right to life”.

Facebook Won’t Remove ‘Kill Zimmerman’ Page, Delays Blocking ‘Riot for Trayvon’ Account

The social media giant Facebook initially said it would not remove a page dubbed “RIOT for Trayvon” claiming it “doesn’t violate our community standard on credible threat of violence.” Later, the site apparently yanked the page but left another called “Kill Zimmerman” as is.

Obama Administration Considering Fed Prosecution if Zimmerman Acquitted – Double Jeopardy???

Even if George Zimmerman is acquitted of killing Trayvon Martin, he’s not off the hook. The Obama Administration might prosecute him in federal court.

Why Did The Obama Administration “Organize And Manage” Protests Against George Zimmerman?

Is the Obama administration at least partially responsible for turning the George Zimmerman trial into such a huge national spectacle?  Judicial Watch has obtained documents which prove that the Community Relations Service, a division of the Department of Justice, was sent to Sanford, Florida in late March 2012 “to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman“.

The Nation attributes Zimmerman verdict to ‘white supremacy’

Yes, The Nation actually published a piece entitled ‘White Supremacy Acquits George Zimmerman.’



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  1. genomega1 2013-07-14 at 2:02 pm

    Zimmerman is an Hispanic and the black sub culture hates them.


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