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HUD welcomes the Trayvon Martins and their ilk into our ‘hood

BUNKERVILLE | God, Guns and Guts Comrades!

Just when one thought the news from this regime could not get more grim, another so-called “Rule.” So now Billions of dollars will go to insure that our homes decrease in value so we can move the hoodlums into our hood. Welcome Trayvon Martin and his ilk, and they will get free money to be our neighbors no doubt. The dictates will come down fast and furious now.

To ensure that “every American is able to choose to live in a community they feel proud of,” HUD has published a new fair-housing regulation intended to give people access to better neighborhoods than the ones they currently live in. –

“Make no mistake, this is a big deal,” Donovan said. “With the HUD budget alone, we are talking about billions of dollars. And as you know, decades ago, these funds were used to support discrimination. Now, they will be used to…

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