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Jesse Jackson says NYPD officer is a murderer for not allowing black teen to shoot and kill another black teen

From Council of Conservative Citizens

Jesse Jackson says that white men who defend themselves from deadly attacks by black men are murderers. He says that black men are being “murdered by vigilantes, police, and security guards.” He then cite two cases, one of which is Shaaliver Douse.

The usual gang of black race hustlers are accusing the NYPD of shooting Douse without just cause.

Douse was a vicious fourteen year old gang member. He had already been arrested twice and charged with attempted murder. Police say he shot a rival gang member in the shoulder while trying to kill the man. The rival gang member refused to testify against Douse, because their gangs have mutual “no snitch policies.”

The nigh Douse was shot, police heard gunfire and found Douse chasing a fleeing victim while shooting at him. Surveillance video from nearby stores confirms the account given by police.

Douse was chasing a fifteen year old black male. NYPD screamed at Douse to drop his gun. He fired another shot anyway, and one of the officers fired a single fatal shot to save the 15 year old victim’s life.

This is who Jesse Jackson is accusing of murder in his recent interview with Breitbart News! A man who police believe had already tried to murder one young black male and was in the process of trying to murder another black male!

Apparently Jesse Jackson believes that police should have allowed Douse to shoot and kill his 15 year old black victim. Then if he still didn’t put his gun down, police should have just let him walk away.


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