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I’ve Never Killed A Jogger Because I Was Bored

From The Daily Rant
By Dan Bubalo on August 26, 2013

Friends and I were high-energy kids and got in all the usual types of trouble that angered our parents.  We stole crabapples off neighbors’ trees, raided other yards for large apples to toss at 18-wheelers passing through that small part of town, and would all hide out in the woods to have a cigarette and hope nobody would find out.

One thing we never did, however, was go kill a jogger because we were bored.

Nobody jogged back then except a guy named Bootsie, but the point is easy to follow. It simply never crossed our minds.  What a politically inconvenient issue for the president because the recent criminal tragedies, an outright “black on white” assassination of Australian, Chris Lane,  and the ultimately selective beat down and murder of  WWII veteran, Delbert Belton,  must frustrate the racially-driven nature of Obama., and the media,  as well.

My mother in law is 89, and her deceased, Sergeant Major husband would now be 90.  I’ve got news for you.  If someone would hurt her or would have hurt him, I would have hunted  down those punks without the assistance or need of the police.

We do not have a President. We have a Clown Prince seeking a “Pimp My Ride” excursion to another MTV music awards ceremony.

Stomach the candor; these are issues which result when a feckless, rudderless, Gilligan of a president is finally seen for what he is, and that is clueless, surrounded by similarly smug individuals, providing bad advice, and sneering at the media, and making it up as they go along.

We quite literally are being run into the ditch by the MTV generation.

There are tremendous, unmentionable consequences for what happened when three uninspired kids decided to kill a young man with a great baseball swing, trying to make it big, minding his own business and jogging in a college town called Duncan, Oklahoma, a town of 23,000, 100 miles from anywhere, and now it should be asked why the President has decided not to interject himself into that or Mr.Belton’s killings.  The answer is not only embarrassing, but really cause for concern.


The compounded and unforeseen impact of a celebrity president interfering unnecessarily into the George Zimmerman persecution, is the realization that we have a needle-weenie in the White House who continually wishes to ignore the standard of law and translate reality into a racial blur instead of leading, preaching, suggesting, demanding, there are greater issues to be addressed, and, therefore, not offering solutions but creating a petri dish of conflict.   If you’re the leader of the Free World, you encourage its basic tenets, develop the country further on a basis of those beliefs, cultivate it endlessly and remind people how it got to that point.  Climb the ladder or slide down the ladder.

But not this guy.  No way, Jose…………………………..the newest  potential Democrat-voter.

If Obama can’t mine something out of a mishap, the selective tragedy in waiting or await another domestic explosion, he does a David Copperfield and disappears until the dust settles.   And, as an aside, since his poll numbers continue to plummet has anyone addressed the fact that Copperfield made Michelle disappear, too?   She’s about as much of an asset to a CEO as a medically certified case of herpes.

This isn’t a true Presidency; it’s a sick reality show.  What happened along the way?  Did he stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night, and then pronounce himself capable of doing brain surgery?  It would appear that he did, but this make-believe, this magic show could and should have had a limited run, because it can’t play on Broadway any longer.

It’s the very definition of “Off-Broadway.”

My mantra forever has been this:  the worst job you will ever attain is the one for which you are unqualified, for you will suffer through your insufficiencies, never sleep at night, and perform down to the level to which you actually belong, and that combination will eat your heart and provide so much personal humiliation you will reappear at that job the next day to perform even worse.

And that’s what is driving the country down the flusher.

We are now subject to the inexperience and ineptitude of a teleprompter-reader, who, like Jimmy Carter, didn’t find the men’s room in the Oval Office until his fourth year, but now we have a president apparently still looking for it, embracing concepts so foreign………..you’d think they came from a another country.


We do not have a President.  We have a Clown Prince seeking a “Pimp My Ride” excursion to another MTV music awards ceremony.

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I’ve Never Killed A Jogger Because I Was Bored


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