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Learn about Prophet Muhammad and Islam through Comic Illustrations

by Abdullah ibn Abi Sarh
Muhammad created laws regarding sex and marriage in Islam based on what he needed or desired at the time. Open your Qur’an and read the comic strips to find out:

Muhammad and Hafsa

Muhammad and Zainab

Al Azl (Coitus Interruptus)

Muhammad could not stand intelligent criticism, especially in the form of poetry. His true character came out whenever he had to deal with people who disagreed with him and expressed their feelings freely.

Muhammad Murdered Umm Qirfa

Muhammad Murdered Asma bint Marwan

Muhammad Murdered Abu Afak

Muhammad and The Murder of Pregnant Ummu Walad

Who is Abdullah ibn Sa’d ibn Abi Sarh?


How old is Ka’bah in the city of Mecca? Muhammad in Qur’an said that Ka’bah had been built since the era of Adam, the first man, and reconstructed by Abraham and his son Ishaac. Is that true?

The History of Mecca


How did Muhammad imagine heaven and their inhabitants?

Jinns and Shooting Stars

Prophet Muhammad Illustrated | http://www.prophetmuhammadillustrated.com/comic-strips/


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