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Atty General Holder Threatens to Sue Every State that Passes Voter ID Laws

From FrontPage Magazine
September 30, 2013  |  By Daniel Greenfield
His Majesty, Protector of Illegal Aliens, Provider of Assault Rifles to Mexican Druglords and Keeper of the Keys to the Cold Medicine Prescription Cabinet of America has spoken.

No laws that restrict Obama voters from illegally voting will be tolerated. Ever. Under any circumstances.

The North Carolina law includes troubling new restrictions, such as provisions that will significantly reduce early voting days; eliminate same-day registration during early voting; impose a restrictive photo identification requirement for in-person voting; and prohibit the counting of otherwise legitimate provisional ballots that are mistakenly cast in the right county, but in the wrong precinct.  The Justice Department expects to show that the clear and intended effects of these changes would contract the electorate and result in unequal access to participation in the political process on account of race.

None of those restrictions have anything to do with race. They have to do with safeguarding the integrity of the vote.

Any restrictions of anything will contract access. That’s the point.

Holder is a big fan of contracting access to firearms, which unlike the universal franchise, is in the original Bill of Rights.

Access to one of his press conferences requires ID. That restricts the number of people who have access to him.

Driving requires a license. Buying cold medication, under Obama, requires a photo ID.

Does this operate by race? Only if Holder is claiming that black people are less prepared, less committed to taking the time to get photo IDs and register ahead of time. Only if Holder is saying that black people are stupid and lazy.

But that’s not what he’s really saying. The Democratic Party is protecting its fraud machine and to do that it has to insist that black people are stupid and lazy and that this laziness and stupidity has to be protected by law, but it’s really pushing that in order to really protect its illegal voters, who are not always black, but who are always voting illegally, multiple times, in places where they are not supposed to vote.

It’s racist, it’s dishonest and it’s stupid.

For instance, in 2005, the state legislature made an explicit finding that the failure to count out-of-precinct provisional ballots disproportionately affected African-American voters.

We’re not supposed to ask whether out-of-precinct provisional ballots should be counted at all. Only that failing to count them disproportionately impacts African-Americans. And that licenses any form of abusive behavior when it comes to voting.

So let me be very clear: today’s action is about far more than unwarranted voter restrictions.  It is about our democracy, and who we are as a nation.  I stand here to announce this lawsuit more in sorrow than in anger.

It’s neither sorrow nor anger. It’s about cynicism and power.

To other states considering voting restrictions like North Carolina’s, I want to say this: I and my colleagues at every level of the Justice Department will never hesitate to do all that we must to protect the Constitutionally-guaranteed civil rights of all Americans.

Unless those Americans are white voters being intimidated by some of Holder’s armed Black Panther thugs. In which case, Holder will protect the armed thugs.

I call upon state leaders across the country to pause before they enact measures similar to those at issue in this case.

To pause and reflect that Holder will abuse his power some more to come down on them.

Today’s action is not the first that the Justice Department has taken to protect voting rights following the Supreme Court’s flawed decision to strike down a key part of the Voting Rights Act.  And… it will not be our last.

…And a second complaint challenges Texas’s restrictive photo identification requirement as racially discriminatory in both purpose and result.  Each of these complaints asks courts in Texas to subject the State to a preclearance regime similar to the one required by Section 5 of the Voting Rights Act

So Holder, in his role as Attorney General, has decided to disregard the Supreme Court and the law, completing the process by which Obama Inc’s illegal regime acts as Legislature, Executive and now the Judiciary as well.

Forget the Supreme Court. It’s all Obama Inc. now.


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