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Religious Sensitivity for the Most Insensitive Religion Around

From Cherson and Molschky
September 17, 2013  |  By
Rep. Keith Ellison taking his oath of office with the Qur'an. PHOTO: Lawrence Jackson, AP (Source: http://usatoday30.usatoday.com/news/washington/2007-01-03-ellison_x.htm)
The importance of religion is on the decline in the West. The “separation of church and state” ideal has jumped to a new level, and the influx of Muslim immigration has all the politically correct politicians erasing every trace of their nations’ historically Christian roots. While a recent report states that Christmas decorations in Berlin will no longer be allowed to be displayed in public for fear of offending Muslims, this is a trend which can be seen all over the West as the more religious symbols of Christmas are replaced with snowflakes and snowmen, if they are allowed to be displayed at all. As Paul Wilkinson wrote in his article, “Liberalism: Britain’s Descent into the Multicultural Abyss,” other examples of this secularization include “prayers before council meetings stopped, Christians told not to wear crosses at work, or St George’s flags removed in case they upset Muslims.” There are a multitude of such examples, like US Congressman Keith Ellison taking his oath of office with his hand on the Qur’an, rather than the Bible, or the 10 Commandments in a Tennessee school coming down only to be replaced with the 5 Pillars of Islam, with the 6th pillar of jihad listed rather than the charity or tithing pillar.

The point here is not to promote Christianity but to acknowledge that it is the religion of the majority in the West. According to the World FactBook, the Christian population, while declining, is still roughly 78.5% in the US, approximately 76% in Europe, around 70% in Canada, and around 64% in Australia. These are clear majorities and were even larger majorities in the past before massive waves of immigration began to change the religious landscape. But the values which attract so many immigrants to these Western democracies are rooted in Judeo-Christian morality.

Immigrants arriving at Ellis Island. Source: http://www.jewishpress.com/blogs/sultan-knish/coming-to-america/2013/06/17/

Regardless of their religious backgrounds, when our immigrant ancestors arrived, many escaping religious persecution elsewhere, they knew they were coming to Christian nations. They learned the language, assimilated as best they could, and did not gripe about Christmas decorations or people wearing crosses if they themselves were not Christian. After all, as long as they were allowed to practice their religion, what did it matter if the religious majority openly celebrated their holidays in their own country? The concept of coming to a Christian country and then proceeding to tell the natives to stop displaying their religion in public is ridiculous.

Throughout all the years of Jewish immigration and the immigration of other religious minorities like Hindus and Buddhists, these things were never issues. For the most part, it was accepted that immigrating to a Christian-majority nation meant that Christmas trees would be around as well as references to Jesus, crosses, etc. But the modern governments do not force Christianity upon their populations; there is simply the presence of Christianity which religious minorities have come to accept. Yet with the influx of Muslim immigration, suddenly religious sensitivities have come into play.

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