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The Great Excuse: Obama Blames The Constitution For His “Disadvantage” And The Need To Circumvent Congress


cropped-cropped-500px-scene_at_the_signing_of_the_constitution_of_the_united_states1.jpgAs many on this blog know, I often object to those who criticize our Constitution as a way of excusing their circumvention of civil liberties or the separation of powers. Some in the Bush Administration took that position in suggesting that our Constitution was somehow a contributor to the 9-11 attacks — in their push to pass the Patriot Act. President Obama has taken up this ignoble claim to rationalize his repeated violation of the separation of powers in recent years. Now, Obama is privately telling donors that the problem is that the Framers got it wrong in their design of Congress and Article I of the Constitution. Indeed, he appears to be a critic now of the “Great Compromise” that gave small states an equal voice in the Senate. It is of course not his assuming legislative and judicial powers in the creation of what I have called an…

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