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5 Obama Officials Who Lied, Then Lied About Lying

From Breitbart
By    |   7 Jun 2014


Last week, National Security Advisor Susan Rice appeared on the Sunday shows to do what she does best: lie. She told the American public that Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, for whom President Obama had exchanged five top Taliban commanders, had served with “honor and distinction.”

That, apparently, wasn’t true. As Bergdahl’s compatriots in arms have now told the media, Bergdahl allegedly deserted his post; some evidence has even cropped up suggesting that Bergdahl converted to Islam and embraced jihad.

So, did Rice apologize?

Of course not. On Friday, she doubled down, explaining that when she said that Bergdahl served with “honor and distinction,” she was actually “referring to the fact that this was a young man who volunteered to serve his country in uniform at a time of war. That is itself a very honorable thing.”

Which is why the Obama administration would surely character Major Nidal Hassan as serving with “honor and distinction.” After all, he signed up for the military in a time of war.

Rice went even further, explaining:

I provided the best information that the U.S. government had at the time. Parts of it turned out to be wrong. I regret that the information I was provided was wrong and that I delivered it to the American people. That doesn’t make me a liar.

This all-purpose excuse has become something of a trademarked brand at Obama HQ. Rice herself has used it repeatedly, given her lies about Benghazi attacks being based on a YouTube video. Here are four other officials and former officials in Obamaland who have blatantly lied to the American public, then suggested that they weren’t liars at all:

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper testified before Congress in 2012 that the NSA was not collecting “any type of data at all on millions or hundreds of millions of Americans.” Clapper later said he had misspoken, after information from Edward Snowden proved that he had been lying. “I responded in what I thought was the most truthful, or least untruthful, manner,” Clapper stated, later justifying that pathetic excuse by stating that the information was classified.

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