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One of the more tiresome aspects of commentating is being told by liberals that one is being insulting when one opines that once you legalise homosexual ‘marriage’ the next thing will be incest and paedophilia; how dare I, they declare, compare the three? That simply shows their narrow and prejudiced view of the world. For these bigots, homosexuality is fine, but incest is not. Really, how can they be so narrow-minded? Why the bias? Yes, it is true that heterosexual incest can lead to pregnancies with birth defects, but have these luddites never heard of the pill or the joys of abortion? Thank Satan we have judges like Garry Neilson, from the district court in the state of New South Wales, who likened incest to homosexuality, which was once regarded as criminal and “unnatural” but is now widely accepted. Incest, he pointed out ‘was now only a crime because it may…

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