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The Daily Caller Presents The Alphabet Of Racism: THE LETTER ‘A’

By   |    11:31 PM 07/13/2014
Collage (clockwise from top left): YouTube screenshot/Machinima, Creative Commons/Mike LoCascio, Flickr/Creative Commons/TheCulinaryGeek, Getty Images/Justin Sullivan, YouTube screenshot/Rustam Shukurov, Getty Images
If you’ve been thinking lately that pretty much everything has been deemed racist these days, you are absolutely right. The word has been bandied about so much that it is rapidly losing any real meaning.

Here are 10 things beginning with the letter ‘A’ that somebody, somewhere has deemed racist.

Getty ImagesAcademic freedom is racist, according to Sandra Korn, a senior at Harvard University and a columnist for the Harvard Crimson. In a February column, Korn unambiguously insisted that the Ivy League school should stop guaranteeing professors and students the right to hold controversial views and should instead only pursue research that strives for “justice” by opposing “racism, sexism, and heterosexism.” (RELATED: Harvard Writer: Free Speech Threatens Liberalism And Must Be Destroyed)

YouTube screenshot/MOVIECLIPS via linchpin313In May, the obscure leftist website Salon published a rant reviling once-funny comedian Adam Sandler for all his bad movies. The tweet promoting the piece read: “At long last, audiences are waking up to just how lazy and racist Adam Sandler’s films are (and have always been).”

U.S. Rep. Tim Huelskamp (R-KS) and his wife Angela are white. They have four adopted children of African American, Hispanic, and Native American descent. In January, after MSNBC tweeted – and then deleted – a bizarre tweet about conservatives and biracial families, Huelskamp tweeted a family photo. In response, notes Twitchy, a tweeter named Sarah (@ojc1234) wrote: @CongHuelskamp you fucking borrowed a black family for a photo op? What a dick! (Twitter suspended Sarah.)
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