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Islam’s Halal Sexual Practices

From Islam Watch
Saturday, 03 October 2009 03:00 | By Ali Khalaf

Islam is the most fun-loving religion as far as sexual activity is concerned. No wonder that it is the fastest growing religion among sex offenders in western prisons…

Muhammad was perfect example of a human being whose life should followed meticulous demands the Quran:

33.21: Mohammed is an excellent role model for you to follow.

3.31: If you love Allah then follow Muhammad and Allah will forgive your sins.

33.36: Rules and examples set by Allah and Muhammad is binding to all Muslims: there are no alternatives.

6.33: Rejecting Muhammad is rejecting Allah.

Therefore, following sunna and examples of the Prophet (PBUH) is mandatory for Muslims. Following them prepares the way, if not guarantees, paradise, whereas rejection of them leads to hell. Thus, it is utmost important to study what sexual practices were carried out by him in his life so that all Muslims can practice those sunnas and follow his footsteps.


muhammad-gaySunan Bayhaqi and Al Halabi

According to this hadith, a  (gay) man named Zahir, who used to say, “The prophet loves me,” said that one day Muhammad crept unawares behind him and put him in a bear-hug. Zahir, alarmed, yelled, “Get off me!” After turning his head and discovering that it was Muhammad, he stopped struggling and proceeded to “push his back into the prophet’s chest.”

Sunan Bayhaqi, which traces to Sunan Abu Dawud (one of the six canonical hadith collections), has Muhammad lifting up his shirt for a man, who proceeded to kiss his entire torso, “from his bellybutton to his armpits.”

Tafsir of al-Qurtubi—an authoritative exegesis in Islam. Aisha said that, one day, while Muhammad was lying naked in bed, Zaid came knocking; Muhammad, without getting dressed, opened the door and “hugged and kissed him”.


Incest with daughters-in-law


Incest with daughters



Pedophile Muhammad

Aya of pedophilia

65.4: If you divorce your (child) wife before she reaches menstruation, the age her idda is three months.

Sunan Nasai Bk of Marriage, No 3256:

A’ishah said: The Apostle of Allah peace be upon him married me when I was six and had sexual intercourse with me when I was nine and I was playing with dolls.

Sunan of Bin Said, which records Muhammad saying: “I hugged so-and-so when she was a child and found that I greatly desired her.”

Musnad of Ahmad bin Hanbal, which records Muhammad seeing a 2-3 year old girl in her mother’s arms. Muhammad was so “impressed” by her that he said, “By Allah, if this girl reaches marrying age and I am still alive, I will surely marry her.”

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