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This is how freedom is killed off. Little by little, piece by piece

From Daily Mail
By Richard Littlejohn for the Daily Mail
Published: 19:28 EST, 8 January 2015 | Updated: 19:29 EST, 8 January 2015

LITTLEJOHN on how the State will cede yet more ground to terrorists in the wake of the Paris massacre

Over the Christmas holiday, the BBC broadcast a tribute to that brilliant comedian Dave Allen, who died almost ten years ago.

Much of Allen’s shtick revolved around his Irish Catholic upbringing. He poked merciless fun at nuns and the priesthood, who were portrayed as hypocrites and sadists.

At the height of his fame in the Seventies, he outraged the Vatican by performing a sketch in which he played The Pope, dancing a striptease with a group of cardinals down the steps of St Peter’s.

Islamist terrorists massacred staff at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo in Paris on Wednesday

His lampooning of Catholicism even incited death threats from the IRA and for a while he was banned by the Irish state broadcaster RTE.

Despite the complaints and controversy, the various incarnations of the Dave Allen show were a staple of the BBC schedules for 22 years, from 1968 to 1990.

The recent celebration of his work showcased many of those sacrilegious sketches. In fact, the clue was in the title: ‘Dave Allen – God’s Own Comedian.’ You can still catch it on iPlayer until the end of the month.

Now try to imagine the modern BBC broadcasting a series by a comic billed as ‘Allah’s Own Comedian’, which satirised Islam and featured the Prophet Mohammed doing the Full Monty, surrounded by imams peeling off their holy robes.

If a producer even dared to pitch that idea to his commissioning editors, they wouldn’t only turn it down flat, they’d probably call the police.

This isn’t just about the BBC, however. When it comes to appeasing militant Islam, my own trade is equally culpable.

So is the entire apparatus of the State. We pussy-foot around anything which may cause offence to Muslims, partly out of good manners but primarily because we are worried about the potential backlash.

The reason most of the media in the Western world steered clear of republishing the Danish cartoons of Mohammed wasn’t because they were not newsworthy but because of fears that men in balaclavas with machine-guns might march into the front office and start firing at random.

That nightmare became horrible reality in Paris on Wednesday, when Islamist terrorists massacred staff at the satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo.

At this point, it is customary to insert a paragraph stressing that the vast majority of peace-loving Muslims in Britain and across the world abhor violence committed in the name of their faith – not because we’re scared of causing offence, but because it happens to be true.

However, there is a ‘vast minority’ of the Islamic community in Britain that not only refuses to condemn the jihadists but actively cheers them on.

I’m not just talking about the usual suspects such as the risible Ram Jam Choudary. Or the self-appointed Muslim ‘spokesmen’ operating out of a bedsit above a kebab shop, who the rolling news channels keep on speed dial to blame ‘Islamophobia’ and ‘Western aggression’ every time one of their brainwashed, co-religionist nut-jobs commits another atrocity.

According to the most recent figures, there are at least 125,000 people in Britain logging on to jihadist websites such as the Al Qaeda magazine ‘Inspire’, which regularly calls for the murder of filthy infidels and recently put Charlie Hebdo on their hit-list.

If you think the cartoons of Mohammed are offensive, you should see the vile images and caricatures of Jews which appear on websites aimed at impressionable young Muslims in Britain.

The iPlod spend their days trawling Twitter looking for some gormless loser they can nick for making ‘inappropriate’ comments, but these hate-filled Islamist websites, complete with handy bomb-making instructions and exhortations to murder, manage to slip through the net.

I’ve frequently praised the tireless work of the anti-terrorist squad and the security services in thwarting the kind of horrific attack we saw in Paris this week.

But it’s the schizophrenic attitude of the authorities which concerns me.

On the one hand, they’re intercepting Islamist fanatics plotting murder and mayhem. But on the other, they’re going soft on the preachers of hate condoning terrorism and acting as recruiting sergeants for Al Qaeda and ISIS.

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