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Paris shooters cornered in printing plant with a hostage. Brothers say they ‘want to die as martyrs’

National Post | News

DAMMARTIN-EN-GOELE, France • French security forces struggled with two rapidly developing hostage-taking situations Friday, one northeast of Paris where two terror suspects were holed up with a hostage in a printing plant and the other an attack on a kosher market in Paris involving at least five hostages.

[np_storybar title=” Shooting, hostage-taking at kosher market in Paris” link=”http://news.nationalpost.com/2015/01/09/several-wounded-as-gunman-takes-hostages-at-kosher-market-in-paris/”]

A gunman took hostages at a kosher market on the eastern edges of Paris Friday, wounding several people, while the two suspects in the earlier deadly terror attack against a newspaper were cornered near Charles de Gaulle airport.

Officials could not immediately confirm a link between the two, but the coincidence spiked fears throughout Paris.

A police official said the hostage-taker at the kosher market, near Paris’ Porte de Vincennes, is armed with an automatic rifle and there are multiple hostages and wounded.

Helmeted SWAT squads converged on the standoff. The French…

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One response to “Paris shooters cornered in printing plant with a hostage. Brothers say they ‘want to die as martyrs’

  1. Ken Sears 2015-01-09 at 8:11 am

    A bunch of bloodthirsty murderers take innocent people hostage in Paris and proclaim they are ready to die as “martyrs” (wait… if you’re so ready to die, then why the hostages–to protect you from what?; just more evidence of their rabid madness). Well, “martyr” means “witness” and I suppose EVERYTHING a person does, no matter what, testifies to SOMETHING, even if it’s just how sick he is. Yeah, these jihadist murderers sure are “martyrs”, martyrs for Satan.


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