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The Media Is Keeping Count Of Police Killings And The Government’s Tally Is Way, Way OFF

The Silent Soldier

imageedit_14_7268629558July 3, 2015

We The People: “There are some allegations and suppositions by the original author that don’t jive with the facts.”


Ah yes, just three of the racially divided Obama years.

LOL: listen to the editorializing of the talking head below as she explains why the white guy was at fault.

It seems to go without saying if one acts civilly he will be treated civilly. 

It makes no sense for thugs of any color to be out all hours of the night terrorizing people in their own neighborhoods.


Take a moment to let this sink in:


That’s a huge disparity. As many as one out of every two people killed by police officers every year has gone uncounted—and even if you take the highly improbable position that each and every one of those deaths was legally and morally justified, it’s troubling that our government can’t…

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