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What is WRONG with people?

Farrakhan shouts ‘Allah Akbar,’ says white people know they ‘deserve to die’
MILWAUKEE, Wisc. (Christian Examiner) – After two weeks of news reports that Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan had called for an army of 10,000 volunteers to kill white people if the government doesn’t give the black community “justice,” Farrakhan is reshaping his message – but only slightly.

Mom killed with machete in front of two young daughters
7 Aug 2015  |    There was a heartbreaking scene in New Caney late Thursday with two little girls crying after their mother was attacked with a machete. It happened at a New Caney R.V. park in the 24000 block of FM 1485.
The girls, ages 7 and 8, ran outside screaming for help after they tried to stop the attack. A neighbor found their mother covered in blood.

Woman drove neighbor’s puppy into the desert and made her teenage son shoot it to death as payback for the dog killing her ducklings
12 Aug 2015  |   A Nevada woman stands accused of kidnapping her neighbors puppy, driving it into the desert and shooting it dead – while forcing her teenage son to help – in a horrific act of revenge.
Police say that Maria Christina Furtado, 40, was seeking revenge against the dog, named Duke, who she claims killed her pet ducklings.
Furtado is accused off taking Duke off his leash in her neighbor’s yard and, along with her 15-year-old and three-year-old son, driving the dog into the desert on Front Sight Road in Pahrump.
Once there, she allegedly shot the dog repeatedly with a handgun.

Gay orgies and ‘murder’ scandals engulf Vatican
8 Apr 2015  |   The Vatican has been embroiled in two separate, highly embarrassing, scandals.
In one, a north Italian priest has been removed from office after allegations emerged that he had been surfing the internet to find gay lovers and had been involved in gay orgies.
The other, which has generated – if possible – even more lurid press coverage in Italy, alleges a priest in the south of the country is under investigation on suspicion of murdering one of his parishioners.

  1. Father Gratien Alabi, from the Democratic Republic of Congo, is under investigation for murder following the discovery of female bones under the flagstones of an ancient mountain chapel.

London furniture shop owner accused in Italy of killing her mother with rosary
14 Aug 2015  |   The owner of a London furniture shop has been accused of killing her elderly mother in Italy by allegedly forcing a rosary down her throat to “purify” her of evil.
Italian Francesca Martire, 61, who runs a boutique in St John’s Wood, was arrested after her mother was found dead in her apartment in the southern city of Taranto in May.

Woman ‘kidnapped and beaten to death with a wooden paddle by three women who were trying to steal her boyfriend’s food stamps’
12 Aug 2015  |  Three women have been arrested for killing a 34-year-old woman so they could get her boyfriend’s government food stamp, authorities say.
34-year-old Miranda Michelle Lynch was held in a mobile home near Bessemer for two days while the women beat her, authorities said Wednesday.
According to authorities, Lynch was beaten to death after the women tried getting her boyfriend’s benefits and Lynch did not give them his personal data.
Charged with capital murder and kidnapping are: 57-year-old Karen Kirby of Bessemer; 39-year-old Susan Otts of Hueytown; and 43-year-old Tamara Giarrusso of Bessemer.

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Mother burst into a chapel yelling ‘I have the devil inside’ after ‘slashing her 3-month-old baby boy’s throat in a cemetery’
12 Aug 2015  |  Police say they have arrested a woman suspected of killing her 3-month-old baby by slashing its throat in a cemetery chapel in a small central Spanish town.
A Civil Guard spokesman said the woman, a 37-year-old Spaniard, was arrested early Wednesday in the cemetery of Villa de Don Fadrique, a town of some 4,000 inhabitants located just southeast of Madrid.

Mother And Daughter Arrested For Shooting Heroin At Gas Station
11 Aug 2015  |   Courtney Jording, 23, and her mother, Karen Gillespie, 43, were arrested last Wednesday in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. A witness called police after she allegedly saw Jordling inject her mother’s arm, according to WPXI-TV.
Responding officers found Gillespie in the driver’s seat, and Jording’s 6-month-old baby was in the back seat of the car. Cops also found 41 stamped bags of heroin, 16 empty bags, four syringes and two spoons inside in the vehicle,  according to LancasterOnline.com.

Man who claimed boy choked on Pop Tart charged with murder
11 Aug 2015   |    A man who claimed a 2-year-old choked on a Pop Tart has been charged with murder in the boy’s death, less than a year after his release from prison on a child endangering charge, a prosecutor’s spokesman said Tuesday.
Justin Payne, 26, of Dayton, called 911 from an apartment on Saturday morning to say his girlfriend’s child apparently choked on the toaster pastry while Payne was in the bathroom and that the boy was breathing heavily.

Texas: Muslims murder woman for helping convert their daughter to Christianity
25 Apr 2015  |   Investigators say that an Iranian activist was gunned down by Jordanian immigrants in 2012 because they believed she helped convert their Muslim daughter to Christianity, reports CBS affiliate KHOU.
Gelareh Bagherzadeh, a 30-year-old researcher at MD Anderson, was shot to death outside her parents home in the Galleria area.

Muslim Who Honor Killed 3 Daughters Forcing Non-Muslims into Prison Prayer
13 May 2015  |   It’s hard to make a more obvious case for the death penalty than Mohammad Shafia.
Mohammad Shafia was a wealthy Afghan settler living in Canada who arranged to have his second wife and her son murder his first wife and three daughters (all of whom were married to him at the time, because Islam).
It was an ugly and brutal honor killing, motivated by his wife’s desire to leave and his daughter dating without his permission. And it predictably did not end even once a jury, despite the media apologetics for him, found Mo guilty.

Police arrest suspect in brutal killings of young couple who were ‘shot dead in their car with their toddler daughter alive in the back seat after responding to a call for help’
11 Aug 2015   |   Police have arrested a suspect in the brutal killings of a young couple who were found shot dead in their car in Georgia last week with their toddler daughter alive in the back seat, it has emerged.
Anthony Costner, 24, and his wife Catherine, 22, were discovered shot in their Pontiac Grand Am – which was in a ditch – on Thursday night after responding to a call for help from someone they knew.

Mississippi ISIS Recruit Praised Chattanooga Terrorist ‘Brother’
11 Aug 2015  |   The latest would-be ISIS recruits are a couple from Mississippi, 19-year-old Jaelyn Delshaun Young and 21-year-old Muhammad Oda Daklalla. According to an unsealed criminal complaint reported by ABC News, “The FBI says the couple planned for months to travel to Turkey in order to slip into Syria and join ISIS.”

18-Year-Old Shot by Police in Ferguson Was Out on Bond for Felony Charges — Here Are Five Images From His Reported Facebook Page
11 Aug 2015   |   The 18-year-old man shot by police after he allegedly opened fire during a protest in Ferguson, Missouri, Sunday night was out on bond in a separate felony case, KTVI-TV reported.
A St. Louis Police Department spokesman confirmed to TheBlaze that Tyrone Harris Jr. was arrested in November on charges of stealing a car, theft of a firearm and resisting arrest by fleeing.
According to KTVI, police had pursued Harris speeding down a one-way street. After officers threw down stop sticks and arrested him, he reportedly admitted to stealing the car as well as a 9 mm gun.

Mother accused of talking on cell phone while her three children drowned in pool says she was actually forced to abandon them to save FOURTH child from dying
11 Aug 2015  |  Patricia Allen, 30, a mother-of-five, was arrested after sons Treshawn, 9, and Anthony Smith, 11, drowned at a pool in Irving in June along with their sister August Smith, 10.
Speaking for the first time since the tragedy, Allen said she was in the pool with her children when they went under water, but was forced to leave them to rescue her three-year-old after he also got into trouble.
Allen also contradicted police claims that none of her children could swim, telling KHOU TV: ‘My children knew how to swim. I would never put them in a situation like that.’

Two asylum seekers are arrested for stabbing to death mother and her son shopping for flatpack furniture in Swedish IKEA
11 Aug 2015   |  Two men have been arrested on suspicion of murder after the deadly knife attack at an IKEA warehouse in Sweden on Monday.
The victims, a mother, 55, and her 28-year-old son, died at the scene after being stabbed in the cutlery section of the store in Västerås, some 70 miles west of the Swedish capital Stockholm.
The suspects, aged 23 and 35, are both asylum seekers from Eritrea, staying in the same government-provided accommodation in the area, local media reports.

Undercover footage reveals sickening moment French farm workers disposed of unwanted male chicks by tossing them into shredders while still alive or tied them in sacks to suffocate
11 Aug 2015  |   This is the sickening moment callous French farm workers disposed of unwanted male chicks by tossing them into shredders while still alive or leaving them to suffocate in plastic sacks.
Gruesome footage recorded undercover at a hatchery in Brittany and broadcast on French TV shows staff putting the chicks on a conveyor belt that leads them towards fast moving blades.

Clown Wielding an Ax Terrorizes Woman in Nightmare Scenario
11 Aug 2015  |   Police in western North Carolina have identified a man accused of swinging an ax at a woman while wearing a clown costume.
Multiple media outlets report that the woman has obtained an arrest warrant for 31-year-old Jimmy Raybon of Connelly Springs on a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.

Texas Man Accused of Killing Two Adults and Six Children Had History of Domestic Violence
10 Aug 2015   |   A man with a violent criminal history entered a Houston home through an unlocked window and fatally shot a woman he’d previously dated, her husband and six children, including a boy believed to be his own son, authorities said.
David Conley, 48, is charged with capital murder in the deaths and is set to make his first court appearance Monday morning before a trial judge. Conley, who is being held in the Harris County Jail and doesn’t yet have an attorney, didn’t appear at a court hearing Sunday at which he was denied bond.

Dubai Police Say Man Stopped Lifeguards From Saving Drowning Daughter Because He Didn’t Want Her Honor Violated
10 Aug 2015   |   A father reportedly allowed his 20-year-old daughter to drown to death because he was concerned about her being touched by men outside her family, according to a Dubai news site.
Quoting a top police official, Emirates 24/77 reported Sunday that the man got in the way of lifeguard rescue attempts on a Dubai beach in order to prevent her modesty from being violated.

Vermont Woman Goes on Killing Spree After Losing Custody of 9-Year-Old Child
9 Aug 2015   |   A woman who lost custody of her 9-year-old daughter killed three relatives in a Vermont home and then headed to a nearby state office to gun down the social worker involved in the custody case, authorities alleged.
Social worker Lara Sobel was shot twice and killed Friday outside an office of Vermont’s Department for Children and Families in Barre as she was leaving work, authorities say. Herring was tackled outside the building and arrested on a first-degree homicide charge.
The next morning, a 911 call brought officers to a Berlin home, where they found three women dead. Police said at least two of the women appeared to have been shot.
Shumlin tentatively identified Saturday’s victims as Rhonda Herring and Regina Herring, the suspect’s cousins and Julianne Falzarano, an aunt. The cousins were in their 40′s, and the aunt in her 70′s; the three were killed before Sobel’s life was taken, Shumlin said.

Two People Dead and Two Police Officers Wounded After Gunman Goes on Rampage in North Carolina
9 Aug 2015   |   A gunman in North Carolina is dead after police say he fatally shot one man, wounded one woman and then injured two police officers during a brief shootout.
The shootings occurred Saturday night in Gastonia, North Carolina — a Charlotte suburb — around 9:18 p.m. Police said one caller alerted 911 operators that “a male subject was in the home with a gun.” The caller then said his father had been shot, and the gunman was still in the house.

Family dog found dead with note saying: ‘We beat it to death lol!’
12 Aug 2015    |   A beloved family dog’s battered corpse was found with a taunting note attached to its tiny body that read: “We beat it to death lol!”
Fox the Pomeranian vanished after he was allowed out the back of the apartment block he shared with his owner’s Ronald Boisvert and Varline Bartheleny in Pembroke Pines, Florida.

Russian pensioner and suspected cannibal Tamara Samsonova ‘may be responsible for 10 more murders’
11 Aug 2015   |   A Russian pensioner who is suspected of killing 13 people – whom she may also have eaten – could be responsible for 10 more murders.
Tamara Samsonova, 68, was arrested last month on suspicion of killing a 79-year-old woman whose body was found cut up in a pond.

Satanic Temple Unveils Nine-Foot-Tall Baphomet Sculpture in Detroit
27 July 2015   |   After the Satanic Temple failed in getting permission to erect their statue near the Ten Commandments in Oklahoma, the group finally unveiled their one-ton, nine-foot-tall bronze Baphomet statue in Detroit, Michigan reportedly to chants of “hail Satan!”

A little girl, her feathered friends, and the $200,000 lawsuit: Neighbors sue parents of eight-year-old who has ‘befriended’ dozens of crows by feeding them in her back yard
12 Aug 2015  |   When little Gabi Mann began feeding the crows in her back yard four years ago, she had no idea she would grow to become friends with the animals.
However, that is exactly what happened, and she now claims the birds bring her ‘treasures’ such as buttons, screws and paper clips to show their appreciation.
But while Gabi’s feeding may have gone down well with the crows, it has enraged her neighbors, who are now suing her parents Lisa and Gary, saying the birds are ruining their plush Seattle street.

Florida woman ‘starved her dogs so badly that mother pitbull was forced to eat the remains of her dead puppy’
12 Aug 2015  |   A Florida woman has been arrested after allegedly neglecting her dogs so badly that a mother pitbull and her children were eating the remains of a dead puppy.
Marangillette Viera-Rivera, 33, was taken into custody on Tuesday in Tampa after police found that seven 6-week-old puppies and their mother had been kept outside with no food, water or shelter from the heat.
Hillsborough County Animal Services took possession of the surviving pitbulls, as well as a Chihuahua puppy found inside the suspect’s apartment.

Man Charged in ‘Exorcism’ Killing of Morgan Freeman’s Step-Granddaughter in NYC Streets
17 Aug 2015  |   The boyfriend of Morgan Freeman’s step-granddaughter has been charged with second-degree murder after she was stabbed to death in what may have been an “exorcism”-style killing, according to witness reports.
Edena Hines, 33, was found lying in a Manhattan street with multiple stab wounds to her chest early Sunday, the Associated Press reported. Lamar Davenport, a 30-year-old aspiring rapper, was taken into custody at the scene in front of Hines’ apartment and was charged with murder on Monday.

Police Officer Parking His Cruiser Says Multiple Shots Fired at Him in Early Morning Attack
15 Aug 2015  |   Two men were in custody Saturday after a Houston police cruiser was shot at, KTRK-TV reported.
The officer was parking his cruiser about 5 a.m. when he saw a vehicle drive up — and then saw three muzzle flashes, KTRK said. The officer wasn’t hit.

Armed black Muslims chant for the murder of police officers in Austin, Texas
17 Mar 2015  |  Armed members of the New Black Panther Party militia paraded through Austin, Texas chanting for the murder of police officers. The marchers chanted “A pig is a pig that’s what I said, the only good pig is a pig that’s dead.” That was followed by “Oink! Oink! Bang! Bang!”

Nevada Police Officer Fatally Shot in Line of Duty
15 Aug 2015  |   A Nevada sheriff’s deputy was shot and killed after a suspect opened fire on police officers who were responding to a domestic violence call, officials have reported.
According to the Associated Press, police officers responded to a report of domestic battery and an injured woman. A male suspect came out of the house and opened fire, killing one of Carson City’s sheriff’s deputies around 2:18 a.m. Saturday, August 15.

4 Dead, 32 Wounded in Shootings Since Friday Evening
17 Aug 2015  |  Four people were killed and at least 32 others wounded in shootings across Chicago since Friday evening.

Police: Man shot ex-girlfriend, killed self in Chicago Loop
15 Aug 2015  |   Authorities have identified the two people shot to death in a murder-suicide at a downtown Chicago business.
Police say 45-year-old Richard Idrovo walked into a loan store in the Loop business district Friday afternoon and shot his ex-girlfriend, 44-year-old Alma Hernandez, before shooting himself.

American Hostage Kayla Mueller Was Repeatedly Raped by Islamic State Leader Before Death, U.S. Finds
14 Aug 2015  |   American hostage Kayla Mueller was repeatedly forced to have sex with Abu Bakr Baghdadi, the leader of the Islamic State group, U.S. intelligence officials told her family in June.
“They told us that he married her, and we all understand what that means,” Carl Mueller, Kayla’s father, told The Associated Press on Friday, which would have been his daughter’s 27th birthday. Her death was reported in February.

Miami teenager gets 28 years for killing his mother…before hosting a PARTY with her body still inside the home hidden under sheets
16 Aug 2015  |   A Miami teenager who pleaded guilty to killing his mother and hosting a party while her body was still inside the home is going to be behind bars for 28 years.
On Friday, 19-year-old Kit Darrant pleaded guilty to second-degree murder for 35-year-old Renette Emile’s 2012 death.
Prosecutors have said the then 16-year-old student got into an argument with his mother, strangled her and stabbed her more than 100 times, using a butcher knife as the weapon.

Police hunting for ‘armed and dangerous’ 22-year-old and girlfriend, 21, after his father and off-duty police lieutenant cousin were found dead in motel room
16 Aug 2015  |   Oklahoma authorities are searching for a couple wanted in the Midwest City slayings of an off-duty Sapulpa police officer and another man who is the father of one of the suspects.
Sapulpa Police Department Lt Trey Pritchard and his cousin Jeffrey Grafton, both 46, were found Saturday night at the Traveler’s Inn Motel on the city’s south side after an employee reported an unresponsive person in the room.
Pritchard and Grafton went to the motel while trying to recover a truck that was stolen from Grafton, Midwest City Police Chief Brandon Clabes said.
First-degree murder warrants have been issued for the arrest of Grafton’s son, 22-year-old Jonathan Grafton and his girlfriend, 21-year-old Daphne Mason, Clabes said.

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