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ISIS Issues 11 Rules Christians Must Follow Or They Will Die … They Sound Eerily Familiar

From Conservative Tribune
15 Sept 2015
Members of the Islamic State group may be bloodthirsty barbarians, but they seem to have a penchant for formally organizing, listing and publicly announcing those actions that, if not followed, will bring out the worst of their barbarity.

Now the Muslim terrorists have issued a set of 11 rules for Christians. If any rule is broken, execution is certain. Yet what may be most striking about these rules is that some sound as if they were taken from the liberal objectives of President Barack Hussein Obama.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights has reported that Christians in towns captured by the Islamic State group were issued commandments that they must obey or face death.

The 11 rules are paraphrased here:

1. Do not establish any church.
2. Do not show a cross or Christian books on Muslim roads and in Muslim markets.
3. Do not let Muslims hear recitations of Christian books or the pealing of Christian church bells.
4. Do not perform any aggressive acts against the Islamic State group.
5. Do not perform any Christian worship rituals in public.
6. Respect Islam and Muslims.
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