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REVENGE: Look what President Obama just did to 13-year-old black conservative activist

From Allen West
Written by Michelle Jesse, Associate Editor on September 23, 2015


We all know by now that one key liberal strategy in debating differences is, quite simply, to refuse to engage in a dialogue at all. The left employs myriad tactics in this, from demonizing the other side rather than arguing fact to simply refusing access to anyone who would dare challenge them.

And, of course, in today’s social media-fueled world, there’s always the good ol’ fashioned BLOCKING someone who might prove to be challenging the narrative one’s trying to promote.

That’s exactly what President Obama just did to one conservative who dared challenge our dear president’s narrative about the Muslim clock kid. Oh yeah, and did I mention this conservative is a 13-year-old black middle schooler?

Via The American Mirror:

Conservative YouTube sensation CJ Pearson, a 13-year-old black middle schooler from Georgia, revealed today that he’s been blocked from following President Obama on Twitter. He’s also unable to view the president’s tweets.


“It’s an honor,” Pearson tells The American Mirror, insisting he did nothing to warrant being blocked, except his most recent video released last week.

In the video, he accuses the president of playing politics with the Texas student who was suspended for bringing a clock to school that appeared to be a bomb.

“He’s used this child as a political prop,” Pearson said. “This president has used this child to push his radical, leftward agenda. And I think it’s disgusting, and I think many, many people agree.”

Pearson’s video has been viewed over 1.8 million times on YouTube.

Perhaps President Obama is feeling a little touchy about having made such a big deal about inviting 14-year-old Ahmed “Clock Kid” Mohamed to the White House, with evidence now showing Ahmed actually didn’t make the clock. Or maybe it’s as simple as President Obama not wanting to have to answer to someone who clearly challenges his narrative and agenda.

But this 13-year-old is not being deterred by President Obama’s seemingly childish response to his challenge. Instead, CJ Pearson has started a petition on the White House We the People website aiming to get enough signatures to secure himself an interview with Barack Obama. Says Mr. Pearson:

Barack Obama, while I’ve made this request before, to no avail, I’ve decided to make it once more. Because after this week, I might just be on your radar.

With new evidence surfacing, it is increasingly clear that Ahmed Mohammed never built a clock. Richard Dawkins agrees.

So, Mr. President, I ask you to be fair. I ask you to look past party and look towards solutions.

While Ahmed has never built a clock, I’ve written and introduced two pieces of legislation, empowering young people to take a stand in their government!

While Ahmed has never built a clock, I’ve fought for criminal justice reform. An issue, as of recently, very close to your heard.

While Ahmed’s accomplishments seem to be a bit murky, my accomplishments and leadership towards fighting for my generation are indisputable and are well documented.

In this meeting, I’d like to talk about issues of importance to my generation like education policy, our growing national debt, and the steadily rising youth unemployment rate for young people who are desperately struggling to find work.

Like you, I want to give my generation some “hope and change” they can believe. A future they can count on. So, Mr. President, let’s make this happen!

Mr. Pearson needs a total of 100,000 signatures by October 21, 2015 to reach his goal.

Let’s spread this petition around and get this 13-year-old HIS White House invitation! This teen’s invitation is well-deserved indeed — plus, wouldn’t we all love to see President Obama debate a 13-year-old?


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