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If Republicans Lose the Fight Over Scalia’s Replacement, They Lose Me

From The Blaze
By Matt Walsh    |    15 Feb 2016
I’m not often “shocked” by the deaths of famous people, particularly if they’re 79-years-old, but when I read that Justice Antonin Scalia died, I actually let out an audible gasp.  He was one of our nation’s last true constitutionalists, a just man, a godly man, a great man, and his passing will leave a great hole in the conservative movement, the nation itself and especially the Supreme Court court. And that hole will be made even bigger if Obama is allowed to appoint the person who fills it.

Some notes on the jumbled mess left in the wake of this national tragedy:

Dark Explosions of Satanic Joy
Aside from being a good title for a death metal album, that about summarizes the way many liberals reacted to Scalia’s passing. Yes, yes, it’s the Internet and these are leftists, what else would you expect? Not much else, to be sure, but we shouldn’t reach a point where the predictability of deplorable behavior suddenly becomes its own excuse.

Within minutes of the man’s death — and this, by the way, is a man with a wife, nine kids and dozens of grandkids — progressives erupted with applause and jubilation all over social media. Plenty of outlets have compiled some of the celebratory remarks, but that probably isn’t necessary. If you didn’t see it, you can imagine. And keep in mind, these weren’t just a few scattered bad apples, but thousands and thousands of human beings gloating over the still warm corpse of a man so decent and admirable that some of his closest friends belonged to the ideological group now exalting in his demise. And these weren’t merely anonymous trolls on Twitter, but famous folks and folks in media and seemingly regular folks who used their real names and real pictures to post triumphant and sarcastic obituaries. Then, not satisfied with ghoulishly dancing on a freshly dug grave, thousands more began offering their fervent prayers that Clarence Thomas die next.

It was an insane, subhuman display. Evil, and proudly so. Another moment — one of many, often provided by leftists — that made me utterly ashamed of what this country has become.

I took about 50 screenshots of Tweets and messages sent directly to me and thought about posting them, but I’ve decided against it. Many of the comments cannot be published — like the fantasies about defecating on Scalia’s grave and defiling his corpse in various explicit ways — and the rest are from other callous hobgoblins too consumed by their own hatred and idiocy to feel shame anyway. Suffice it to say, American liberalism defied all odds Saturday night and somehow managed to reach an even lower low than the last low it reached. Liberalism is a religion of contempt and envy; each day it sinks deeper into moral oblivion, and upon Scalia’s death it plunged to new and terrifying depths.

What made the elation of liberals so sickening and grotesque wasn’t just the fact that they were delighting over a man’s death, but why. This a crucial detail. Those looking to mitigate the guilt of liberals by drawing irrelevant comparisons have pointed out that conservatives have themselves allegedly reacted inappropriately in similar situations; many argued that, for instance, right-wingers celebrated Ted Kennedy’s passing. But these two scenarios are quite distinct when you consider the motivations behind them.
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