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Islamophobia? Hate Crime? No.

Lots of people [Muslims and Liberals] are screaming ‘Islamophobia’ and calling this  a ‘hate crime’ because the victims are [allegedly] Muslim.   Hmmmmmm.  Islamophobia? Hate crime? I don’t think so.  The first article below states that “none of the men lived at the home” where the shootings occurred and the house was described as a “hang-out spot.” The second article below states the house was a “party house”. So this sounds less like ‘Islamophobia’ or a ‘hate crime’ and more like a revenge killing or a dispute over drugs or money. 

3 found in Fort Wayne house died of gunshot wounds

26 Feb 2016

The victims were identified as 23-year-old Mohamedtaha Omar, 20-year-old Adam Kamel Mekki and 17-year-old Muhannad Adam Tairab. All three were from Fort Wayne, Indiana.



According to News 18’s sister station, WANE-TV, Fort Wayne Police Chief Garry Hamilton said Friday that each victim was shot multiple times and the city’s Public Safety Director Rusty York said they were shot “execution style.”

More here

3 victims found in Lewis Street home killed ‘execution style’

26 February 2016

Hamilton said Thursday that Omar, Mekki and Tairab were not known to be associated with any gang activity but said it was too early to say if their deaths were gang-related.

Hamilton said the three did not live at the home, which York described as a “party house.”

“It had been a place where young people would go. There was no adult supervision. To hang out, to drink, maybe smoke marijuana, it was one of those type homes,” York said.

More here


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