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Muslims ‘grateful’ to the West? Never!



From WND
By Erik Rush   |   2 March 2016

Exclusive: Erik Rush says Islam followers have always exploited hospitality of infidels

Last week, some entertainment industry ignoramuses sought to “enhance their optics” via a display of solidarity with Muslim migrants amidst what the left has sold as a hateful response to the migrants’ presence by some Europeans. A refugee camp in Calais, France, had gained some notoriety and was scheduled for demolition by French authorities. Known as “The Jungle,” the camp was visited by British actor Jude Law and a handful of other celebrities who called on the British government to admit select refugees from the camp into Britain.

Things went south, however: No sooner had cameras stopped rolling after the festivities than a group of the beleaguered migrants attacked. As reported by the U.K.’s Mirror, they assaulted a security team attending the entertainers, pelting them with rocks and robbing them.

The ignorance of entertainers and liberal culture of the industry aside, those in the West are being rather forcefully admonished to ignore the empirical evidence, which illustrates the folly of the West welcoming migrants from Muslim nations into their own.

Muslims have a long history of stabbing their benefactors in the back. Islamic lore is replete with instances of Allah “softening the hearts” of potentates and populations whom they later fell upon and decimated.

During the Clinton administration, the war in the Balkan states was headline news for at least two years. In March 1992, when Bosnia-Herzegovina became an independent republic, Bosnian Serbs rebelled, and hostilities began. Serbian militias took control of two-thirds of Bosnia “and launched a reign of terror against the country’s majority Muslim population.” NATO allies came to the rescue, with the U.S. playing a major role. A NATO ultimatum brought about a cease-fire in 1994.

Despite such interventions, as with the controversial U.S. aid supplied to Muslim Afghans in their struggle against the Soviet Union during the 1980s, Muslims put this down to the enemies of Islam having their minds befuddled by Allah, since all non-Muslims are enemies of Islam. Non-Muslims who extend hospitality or generosity to Muslims are viewed as fools who are to be ruthlessly exploited. This deadly premise precludes any non-Islamic society ever having the hope of co-existence with Islam.

A few headlines from prominent online news sources, representing just one day in Islam’s latest push for global dominion:

“Muslim Migrants Storm Greece/Macedonia Border”

“’60 Minutes’ Crew Attacked, Beaten in Sweden by Group of African Masked Men”

“Danish Imam Tells Congregation to Kill Apostates and Non Muslims”

“After Rash of Islamist Killings, Bangladesh Considers Eliminating Islam as State Religion”

Also, last week in Moscow, a 39-year-old Muslim woman working as a nanny murdered her charge, a 4-year-old girl, and decapitated her. She then set the family’s apartment on fire, left with the severed head and displayed the gruesome trophy while milling about on the street, shouting Islamic phrases. After her arrest, she reportedly told a reporter that Allah had ordered her to commit the slaying.

Despite Islam’s 1,400-year history of barbarism, aggression, treachery, female genital mutilation, rampant pedophilia, misogyny and institutionalized sexual assault, this is a culture our government and the press are demanding that Westerners embrace. This is a culture that the political left argues is just as viable and civilized as our own.

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