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Bernie’s Proposed Tax Increases Are So High, They Virtually Broke Analysts’ Calculators

From The Federalists Papers


Bernie Sanders tax increases are so huge, it practically broke the analysts’ calculators.

At more than $15 trillion, the Sanders tax increases are so massive, they actually challenged forecasters’ ability to calculate them.

One of the taboos in politics is taxes. Every policy, every program a candidate proposes has to be paid for and ultimately the American people pay for it.

Hillary Clinton’s plan will raise taxes by $1 trillion. She hasn’t spelled out how “lower- and middle-income families” will get a tax cut, but promised to tell us a little later. Yeah, right.

But Hillary is a piker when it comes to tax increases compared to Bernie Sanders.

Under a President Sanders, taxes will increase by $15.3 trillion dollars. On everyone.

The very wealthy will get a massive soaking – with his proposed taxes for the top one-tenth of one percent cutting after-tax incomes in half. But nobody gets away from Bernie’s taxman.

The middle class would be smacked with a $4,700 tax increase. Even the lowest-income households would pay $165 more, according to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center.

None of this is a secret. The Sanders campaign doesn’t dispute any of the numbers. Sanders himself has said time and time again that he’ll raise taxes on everyone.

“There is a very, very clear choice,” said Len Burman, head of the non-partisan Tax Policy Center. “They really couldn’t be more different.”

“Bernie Sanders is very open about raising taxes on everybody, with the argument that people at all income levels are going to be benefiting from the new spending programs that he’s proposing,” Burman said.

Where is Sanders going to spend all this money? Mostly on health care, but he also wants to pay for free college tuition, paid family and medical leave, infrastructure spending and a host of other programs. Politico reports:

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