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Mr. Obama, words matter. Call the massacre of Mideast Christians what it is: Genocide

From Fox News
By Jay Sekulow   |   10 March 2016


The images are horrific. Who can forget the video of masked Islamic jihadists on a beach beheading Christians — executing them on-camera for the world to see?

And while there has been condemnation of the massacre of Christians and other religious minorities in the Middle East, there’s an important step the Obama administration must take to address this ongoing tragedy that has resulted in the slaughter or displacement of nearly one million Christians.

Words matter. And how we describe these atrocities is critical. Sure, these acts are barbaric, horrendous, and even monstrous.

But there’s one word the Obama administration will not use to describe these atrocities. The White House – as well as the State Department – refuses to call these acts “genocide.”

The United Nations (UN) Genocide Convention defines genocide as acts committed “with the intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, racial or religious group.” That is certainly what is happening to Christians being executed by ISIS – the Islamic State – around the world.

But the word “genocide” carries with it important legal ramifications, too. “Genocide” violates international law and such a designation is necessary to activate certain legal requirements of the UN Genocide Convention that would force President Obama to protect Christians.

In short, all President Obama’s talk about the slaughter of Christians doesn’t require action. Labeling these heinous atrocities against Christians as “genocide” legally requires action. Dying Christians don’t need more talk; they need action.

In a letter to Secretary of State Kerry, the American Center for Law and Justice outlined in-depth the legal arguments explaining why the United States, the U.N., and the rest of the international community must recognize this as “genocide” and act accordingly to stop it.

We have been working in the international community and here at home to underscore the importance of this official “genocide” designation.

We have filed legal documents with the U.N. and on Friday we will be presenting key oral statements there. We filed an amicus brief, including testimony from survivors of ISIS genocide, with the European Court of Human Rights. And we have seen positive results.

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2 responses to “Mr. Obama, words matter. Call the massacre of Mideast Christians what it is: Genocide

  1. upaces88 2016-03-16 at 12:32 am

    Obama will NEVER Betray Muslims!


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