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WARNING: Here’s what will happen if we let liberals completely WUSSIFY America…

From Allen West
Written by Allen West on March 15, 2016

Boy howdy, I’m sorry to keep bringing this up, but if any of you remember the Superman comic series Bizarro World, we’re certainly living in it. I just came across a story from Israel that just has me shaking my head. You wanna talk about being suicidal, let me introduce you to one fella named Yariv Oppenheimer of the group Peace Now — kinda reminds me of the J-Street chuckleheads. Now stick with me folks, because this is indicative of a huge problem brewing right here in the U.S. of A.


As reported by Arutz Sheva, the Israel National News, “In a statement on [last] Wednesday, the PA foreign ministry claimed Israel conducts “cruel executions by occupation forces against young men, young women and Palestinian children on the roads, alleys and death checkpoints spread throughout the occupied Palestinian land.”

To support its warped “execution” assessment of the security actions in response to lethal Palestinian terror attacks, the PA relied on none other than Peace Now head Yariv Oppenheimer, who took to Twitter on Tuesday to condemn terror victim Yonatan Azarihab, who despite being stabbed in Petah Tikva managed to kill his would-be murderer with his own knife.

He also condemned security forces for killing the Arab terrorist who went on a stabbing spree in Jaffa (Yafo) later the same day, wounding ten and murdering West Point graduate and US tourist Taylor Force.

“In Petah Tikva and also Jaffa, videos show how the neutralization turns into an extra-judicial execution,” wrote Oppenheimer on Twitter. “In the current atmosphere no media outlet dares to report and deal with the topic.”

Latching onto the Peace Now head’s words, the PA foreign ministry said these “executions” as it termed them “display the depth of the radicalism and the fascism that still rules in the circle of decision makers in Israel in their different political, judicial, military and media institutions, and they express a wide infrastructure of violent radicalism in Israel in the shadow of the ongoing development of the radical right.”

The PA accused Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu of trying “to avoid the international and regional pressure that seeks to revive the peace process and manage a serious negotiation, and he is doing so through an intentional escalation of the situation in parallel to an incitement campaign against our people and its leadership, and misleading the international community.”

Ok, let me break this down for y’all if you didn’t get it. This fella, Yariv Oppenheimer, blamed an Israeli citizen who had been stabbed for running down his assailant and killing him. This Oppenheimer also blames the Israeli security forces for conducting “extra-judicial execution” for killing the Islamic jihadist who wounded ten and was guilty of killing an American, a West Point graduate.

I just have to ask — and I hope this does get to Mr. Oppenheimer — what state of depraved mentality and abject cowardice possesses this person — can’t refer to him as a man.

I’m sorry, but this is exactly what the world does not need: another doggone Islamapologist who would rather live in subjugation and mask his weakness under some banner of “peace.”

How in the Sam Hill, Mr. Oppenheimer, do you expect to have peace with folks who are killing your fellow countrymen? Sorry, but where do people like this come from? This is the same idiocy that says we have to have a nuclear agreement with Iran and give them billions of dollars in order to avoid a confrontation.

And so when we have these wussy boys who have the opportunity to use a microphone, they embolden the enemy. And as you see in this article from Arutz Sheva, they taunt and disparage real men of leadership, conviction and courage.

What form of stupid would refer to an act of self-defense in killing the person who just stabbed you as a damn “execution?” Where I come from that’s called self-defense. Does Mr. Oppenheimer prefer the Israeli citizen just stay down, bleed out and die? I laud that man as a hero who stood up and said, you will not flee, I will pursue and kill you, with the weapon you just used to try and take my life. That’s the message we need to send to Islamic jihadists.

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