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100 Highest Paid CEOs – 2014


CEO pay and greed

Ticker Company CEO Name Year Compensation ($)
DISCA Discovery Communications, Inc. David M. Zaslav 2014 $156,077,912
GBL Gamco Investors, Inc. Et Al Mario J. Gabelli 2014 $88,518,411
MSFT Microsoft Corp Satya Nadella 2014 $84,308,755
ORCL Oracle Corp Lawrence J. Ellison 2014 $67,261,251
LGF Lions Gate Entertainment Corp Jon Feltheimer 2014 $63,601,493
BAS Basic Energy Services Inc T.M. (Roe) Patterson 2014 $62,863,840
QCOM Qualcomm Inc Steven M. Mollenkopf 2014 $60,740,592
CBS CBS Corp Leslie Moonves 2014 $57,175,645
S Sprint Corp Daniel R. Hesse 2013 $47,077,699
DIS Walt Disney Co Robert A. Iger 2014 $46,497,018
VIAB Viacom Inc. Philippe P. Dauman 2014 $44,334,858
MBI MBIA Inc Joseph W. Brown 2014 $43,602,334
YHOO Yahoo Inc Marissa A. Mayer 2014 $42,083,508

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One response to “100 Highest Paid CEOs – 2014

  1. J.G.Lord 2016-03-17 at 12:12 am

    If I own the company if I put up all I own to state it and spend my days working to make it grow how is it that those I hire those I pay when I make a profit or pay when I lose money are now entitled to be on an equal standing with me. Did they invest did they lose homes and family because they worked seventy hour weeks and did they develop ulcers worrying about where they were to get the capitol necessary to keep the company afloat? NO they were paid they got a bounces for doing a good job. But IT IS MY COMPANY NOT THEIRS. do they want to deal with IRS? The Federal trade commission? state and local law makers and the rules and regulations. This entitlement mentality of being owed and of being cared for just because is and has gotten out of hand.


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