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America is on the Road to Declinistan

From Cherson and Molschky
March 3, 2016  |  By Lauri B. Regan


In After America, Mark Steyn wrote, “…when you hit the expressway to Declinistan there are few exit ramps.”  We are now approaching the point of no return.  Future generations will attempt to understand how the most exceptional civilization in the history of mankind voluntarily ceded its culture, moral superiority, and unrivaled accomplishments to apathy, willful ignorance, egoism — and ultimately darkness.

Several years ago I began accumulating data to support the thesis that we are living through America’s decline.  My premise was initially based upon my distress over the degradation and corruption of our moral fiber.  I watched Miley Cyrus twerk on stage, Janet Jackson expose her breast on national television, and near-naked panhandlers run rampant through Times Square.  On the heels of a philandering POTUS who swore  to the nation, “I did not have sexual relations with that woman” before being impeached for lying under oath and spending his retirement years with rumors of untold numbers of affairs, I have to remind myself that I’m not living in France.  Hillary standing by her man in Mao-style pantsuits makes it easy.

The legalization of marijuana and footage of people smoking across Denver made this mother of three sick.  Bob Dylan’s “Everybody must get stoned” was a song from the 60’s, not the law of the land.  Speaking of the law, with a Supreme Court that legislated out of thin air constitutional rights to abortion and gay marriage, we shouldn’t be surprised that our current president ignores constitutional restraints imposing everything from the destruction of the coal industry to socialized medicine.

In the age of reality television and social media, college students cannot identify  Joe Biden but resoundingly know Kim Kardashian.  They  have no idea who fought in and won the Civil War but know that Snookie appeared on The Jersey Shore.  Hollywood elites are distressed over alleged discrimination against black actors who live in $10 million homes, ignoring the real tragedies occurring in inner cities where blacks are killing each other in record numbers.

Progressives co-opted K-12 education with Common Core and an anti-American AP U.S.  History curriculum.  College campuses are rapt with progressive professors more obsessed with their hatred of democracy and capitalism than teaching facts and promoting critical thinking.  Radical 1960’s crazies are now respected professors and their hate speech against America and Israel is common in lectures.  Trashing these two liberal democracies appears to be the only exception to the PC zanies who constantly demand safe spaces rather than the more appropriate rubber rooms.

Occupy Wall Street, Black Lives Matters, various Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated individuals and organizations, and other virulently anti-American hoodlums are welcomed into a White House currently occupied by an angry, self-entitled, ideologically dangerous black couple.  Our president spends more time playing golf, vacationing, throwing parties, and hanging with the rich and famous than he does on critical matters.  Rather than visit with wounded warriors, lecturing youngsters on the importance of family values and hard work, and uniting a divided nation, Obama focuses his attention on transforming the “more perfect union” into a footnote in the annals of history.

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