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By Angel | 15 March 2016

smh  Clueless Yasira was comparing apples and oranges.

Apples are fruit.  Oranges are fruit.

“Islamic” terrorists hate everyone.

Members of the Westboro Baptist Church hate everyone.

The two have nothing else in common

Apples are red (some are green, too, depending on what kind you get).
Oranges are, well, orange.

“Islamic” terrorists are well-known for raping, beheading, crucifying, shooting, dismembering, and/or torturing people (and animals) for doing things the terrorists don’t like – and the terrorists don’t like much of anything aside from raping, beheading, crucifying, shooting, dismembering and/or torturing people (and animals).

Westboro Baptist Church members are well-known for protesting (mostly funerals)  and telling people they’re going to burn in hell – actions that are not, by any stretch of the imagination, going to instill fear in anyone (one will likely feel pity, disdain, anger, and irritation – but not fear).

If you drop an apple and it lands on your foot it will fucking hurt (especially if it was a really big apple).
If you drop an orange and it lands on your foot it will hurt (but not as much as it would if you dropped an apple on your foot).

If Yasira were to tell an “Islamic” terrorist that he and his comrades are a bunch of ugly, smelly, goat-humping, child-raping, bacon eating, brain dead thugs she wouldn’t live to tweet about it.

If Yasira were to tell members of the Westboro Baptist Church that they’re ugly, smelly, goat-humping, brain dead hillbillies she might be called a few choice names, she might get spat on, she might even get shoved, and then she could tweet about the evil Westboro Baptist Church to her hearts content.

If you have enough apples you can make apple pie, apple sauce, apple butter, caramel apples, and apple juice.

Regardless of how many oranges you have you only have one option (besides eating the oranges) – you can make orange juice (but why make it when you can buy it pre-made at the store).

“Islamist” terrorists (ISIS, Al Qaeda, etc.) have spread terror not only in the Middle East but all over the world. They have tens of thousands of “members” and tens of thousands of supporters the world over.

The Westboro Baptist Church has not been, as far as I’m aware, outside of the United States. The church has less than 100 members and zero (that’s right – zero) supporters (even the KKK wants nothing to do with the WBC).


Moral of the story:  Don’t make stupid comparisons.





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