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Dear PC Leftists: Actually, ‘Islamophobia’ is an Entirely Logical ‘Phobia’…

From Louder with Crowder
By Courtney Kirchoff   |   January 4 2016

Dear SJW Leftists who make up new “phobias” on a bi-weekly basis,

I know it’s super popular right now to call everything racism. This morning I put a bit of milk into my coffee. I made it “less black.” Racism. Who am I to whitewash my coffee? I’m calling the ACLU to get me into a reeducation program. #BlackCoffeeMatters.

If you think that’s going down the rabbit hole of “that makes zero sense” then congratulations, you’ve grasped my point. Islam is a belief system, it isn’t a race. Being alarmed by the tenants of that belief system doesn’t make me a “racist” anymore than putting cream in my coffee makes me a white supremacist. Plus, I often drink tea instead. Of course, that’s only to assert my privilege over the historically problematic Indian tea trade, but I digress.

Now we’ve established everyone who says “being against Islam makes you a racist,” is two sashays away from being a retard, we can move on to debunking the more recent accusation: “Islamophobia.” Side note: CAIR has an entire website dedicated to Islamophobia. CAIR, by the way? They’re terrorist sympathizers. Yes really. We call that a “conflict of interest.”

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2 responses to “Dear PC Leftists: Actually, ‘Islamophobia’ is an Entirely Logical ‘Phobia’…

  1. FatherJon 2016-04-08 at 8:06 pm

    I think I have a right to be ‘phobic’ about Islam, seeing as they’re killing thousands of innocents every week, their own included.


    • angelforisrael 2016-04-17 at 8:36 pm

      You won’t get any argument from me on that!


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