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Inside the Bernie Sanders Pro-Hamas Campaign

From FrontPage Magazine
April 15, 2016 | By Daniel Greenfield

Attacking Jews and pandering to Muslims is the plan.


Why won’t Bernie Sanders stop attacking Israel? That’s the question some Jewish supporters are asking as the troubled campaign continues alienating Jews while pandering to haters of the Jewish State.

For the longest time it was all but impossible to get Bernie to even admit he was Jewish. His campaign conducted no outreach to Jewish groups while aggressively pursuing outreach to Muslim groups such as CAIR. CAIR is an anti-Semitic Islamist group with known ties to Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

In New York, the Sanders campaign seemingly had to bow to reality and actually reach out to Jews.

But instead the Sanders campaign set out to offend and alienate Jews in New York, as it had done to Jews all over the country, by selecting an anti-Israel activist who had defended Muslim anti-Semitism.

Simone Zimmerman, formerly of J Street, had made a name for herself by harassing Jewish charities that help people in Israel. Zimmerman had defended BDS and opposed Israel’s campaign against Hamas, saying, “We think it’s important to understand the context of occupation”.

She had allied with JVP, a hate group, to oppose fighting anti-Semitism on campus. JVP has described the murder of Jews as “resistance” and the Jewish community as the “enemy”.

Zimmerman’s first attempt at outreach to Jewish supporters ended in disaster with a shouting match at a Jews for Bernie event. But Jews for Bernie is run by Daniel Sieradski, another opponent of Israel, who distributed a meme during the last war with Hamas which asserted that “That’s why Palestinians are fighting back.” Sieradski had claimed in the past that the real threat wasn’t Hamas whose leaders “just want to make life better for their people”, but Jewish “ethnic exclusivity”.

Why would any serious presidential campaign think that putting anti-Israel activists like Simone Zimmerman and Daniel Sieradski out front is a good idea? Coming on the heels of Bernie Sanders’ lie that Israel had killed “10,000 innocent people” in Gaza while fighting Hamas, this looks like a deliberate plan to alienate Jews.

And it just might be.

The New  York State Director of the Bernie Sanders campaign is Robert Becker. Becker had previously overseen the Sanders campaign in the Midwest. He’s the sort of hipster activist who wears a keffiyah on a professional basis. His Twitter account features his name in both Arabic and English.

Scroll through his social media and you find extensive stories of Sanders outreach to Muslims, vastly out of proportion to their numbers in the voting population, but no mention of outreach to Jews. The only mentions here are negative. Becker prominently features the Sanders attacks on Israel. He links to a JTA post whitewashing Simone Zimmerman’s hatred for the Jewish State. And it is highly likely that picking a rabid anti-Israel activist and BDS supporter to do Jewish outreach was Becker’s decision.

In the war between Israel and the terrorists, there was little doubt which side Becker was on.

Robert Becker repeatedly attacked Israel for its campaign against Hamas during Operation Pillar of Defense retweeting #GazaUnderAttack hashtagged messages, including one in support of a propagandist for Hamas’ Al Aqsa TV. He retweeted a defense of Hamas and suggested that Israel had only won in the past because Arab countries were American “puppets”.

Does the hatred for the Jewish State in the Sanders campaign in New York trickle down from the top?

Before Bernie, Robert Becker had trained members of the Muslim Brotherhood’s Freedom and Justice party while working for the National Democratic Institute in Egypt and is the founder of the Tanzeem Group. In the aftermath of the coup against Mubarak, Becker had even ominously warned that there would be violence if the totalitarian Islamist thugs of the Muslim Brotherhood were not elected.

The Muslim Brotherhood is the parent organization of Al Qaeda and Hamas.
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