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Financial Assistance With Vet Bills

NOTE: Angels4Animals.org and CatsInCrisis.org do not appear to be operating any longer.

Other organizations that can help:

Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program (FVEAP)
Fax: (888) 301-4264
“The NEED & The HELP: Seniors, People with disabilities, People who have lost their job, Good Samaritans who rescue a cat or kitten – any of these folks may need financial assistance to save a beloved companion.” The Feline Veterinary Emergency Assistance Program is a nonprofit 501 (c)(3) organization that provides financial assistance to cat and kitten guardians who are unable to afford veterinary services to save their companions when life-threatening illness or injury strikes.
STARelief and Pet Assistance
(203) 883-0325
“STAR’s long term vision is to ensure that no Connecticut pet guardian will ever have to abandon their pet due to economic hardship, and to ensure that all companion animals are treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.”
Vet Billing
(800) 766-1918
“VetBilling.com is making veterinary care more affordable for pet owners by offering interest-free installment payment plans through veterinary practices.”
Pets of the Homeless
Pets of the Homeless is the only national animal organization focused completely on feeding and providing emergency veterinary care to pets of the homeless.
Contact your local shelter. Some shelters operate or know of local subsidized veterinary clinics or veterinary assistance programs.

If you don’t need assistance please consider donating to one [or more] of the above organizations to help pet owners who do need help.

If after visiting the above links you feel that you MUST surrender your pet there is a list of No-Kill shelters in the United States [as well as Canada, Great Britain, Ireland, New Zealand, and Australia] at:

The nØkill Network




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