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Islam and Homosexuality

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Homosexuality is considered to be one of the worst sins in Islam and one of the greatest crimes punishable under Islamic law.[1] The Prophet Muhammad not only condemned homosexuality[2] but even the “appearance” of homosexuality (effeminate men and masculine women).[3] With the rise of the Islamic population amongst historically non-Muslim societies, also comes the rise in persecution. For example, while Muslims comprise just 2% of the total British population, they commit 25% of all anti-Homosexual crimes.[4] However, this ongoing and increasing persecution of homosexuals by Muslims around the world, rarely makes the mainstream news. Thanks to the Internet, those of us who search can find many news items that would otherwise be lost.

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One response to “Islam and Homosexuality

  1. irishanglican ~ Fr. Robert 2016-04-16 at 4:31 pm

    To love the sinner and hate the sin, gets to be a bit harder today especially! Since I am an active Christian and Anglican priest and part-time hospital chaplain, I hear and see sexual sins and problems almost every time I talk with both confessing Christians, and those who are not. We live in a time of sexual license and immorality like no other in so-called modern time! But, we must also remember that all sin is sin, but of course sexual sin, both so-called gay and straight is very grave before God! The practice of both will damn a soul for eternity! (See, St. Paul and 1 Corinthians chapters 5 thru 7, noting especially chapter 6: 9-20.) And note Paul wrote to the Corinthians… “such were (past tense) some of you: but you are washed, but you are sanctified, etc…” (Verse 11). So the forgiven Christian must NOT practice sexual sin (straight or gay), it is a sin against his/her own body/soul! (1 Cor. 6: 18) But St. Paul does not over-press gay sin verses straight sexual sin, they are both damnable, if practiced. So let us Christians especially love the sinner but hate the sin, its a tight walk, but we must seek to maintain it, for Jesus Christ loves the Sinner! And that makes all of us! “For all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God.” (Rom. 3: 23)

    The Christian life is a life of regeneration (life from God, the New Birth, John 3: 3, i.e. “born from above by God”). Have you been “born from above, by God”? Only this will keep you to the end! (1 John chapter 1 & chapter 2: 1-6, etc.)


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