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Dear Liberals: Yes, Some Religions Are Much Better Than Others…

From Louder with Crowder
By Courtney Kirchoff | March 29 2016


Dear leftists who think all religions are “the same,”

Lemme put it simply and spare you the task of reading the rest of the post: no, not all religions are the same. There. See? Saved you a read.

Yet every time a not-Christian or a not-Buhdist blows something up or kills a bunch of people, the same leftist talking point floods the world with its latent stupidity: IT’S NOT ISLAM THAT’S THE PROBLEM. IT’S ALL RELIGIONS!

The reasons for such a statement/belief are two fold.

One, it’s how leftists like you mount your moral high horses. Which you groom with moral pomposity. Two, always unsaid, you leftists are scared feces-less of Islam and want to toss all religions in with it to err on the side of not getting suicide-bombed. Or decapitated. Raped.

Now, a critical-thinking individual sees that these two points are in opposition to one another. If all religions are just as bad, then one should fear the Calvinists as much as the Muslims. Yet… nope.
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