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Celebs Give Rescue Animals A Voice In Honor Of The ASPCA’s 150th Anniversary

From BarkPost
Dina Fantegrossi | 9 April 2016

http://www.aspca.org/150days – In honor of our 150th anniversary, we’re kicking off 150 Days of Rescue, a campaign seeking to inspire the nation in reaching 150,000 actions for animals in just 150 days! Simply donate at least 15 minutes of your time between April 10 and September 7, 2016, to helping animals in need, and log it below for the chance to nominate your favorite shelter to receive a $150,000 grant prize.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has been speaking up for creatures without a voice for 150 years now. The work they do protects animals great and small from abusive and barbaric situations perpetrated by the world’s most vicious predators – humans.

Major animal-loving celebrities like Martha Stewart, Nathan Lane, 50 Cent, Ke$ha, and Julie Bowen came together to lend their famous faces and voices to this moving tribute video. They provided the thought provoking voice overs for the dogs, cats, horses and chickens featured in the video, as well as introduced the ASPCA’s 150 Days of Rescue campaign.
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