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Cops cite preacher for ‘offending’ student

From WND
By Douglas Ernst | 16 Feb 2016

‘That’s our job – to make sure that doesn’t happen’

A Texas cop issued a citation to a preacher for “offending” a University of Texas at Austin student

An Orwellian nightmare became a reality for an evangelical preacher this week when a cop near the University of Texas at Austin issued him a “disorderly conduct” citation for “offending” a student.

An intern with Campus Ministry USA was confronted by multiple police officers on Tuesday and informed he would be written up for offending a student. Video of the incident soon went viral on YouTube.

“We had somebody that was offended by the gestures you were making,” the officer said. “And that’s our job – to make sure that doesn’t happen, because these are students just walking in this mall right here. So the job here is to write you up as a citation, disorderly conduct, for offending someone.”

The preacher asked how it was against the law to use biological terms like “penis” during a presentation on science-related issues, but rebuffed.

“It doesn’t matter, freedom of speech. Someone was offended – that’s against the law. I don’t want to argue with you. That’s against the law.”
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One response to “Cops cite preacher for ‘offending’ student

  1. FatherJon 2016-04-20 at 1:14 pm

    I can hear the jackboots already!


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