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Mass murderer Anders Breivik WINS lawsuit claiming his human rights were violated in prison

Are you F***ING kidding me??? This Nazi psycho bastard was convicted of murdering 77 people! It’s bad enough he was only given 21 years in prison but then he files a lawsuit claiming his human rights are being violated and wins?!?!?!?
From Daily Mail
By Sara Malm | Published: 08:32 EST, 20 April 2016 | Updated: 08:53 EST, 20 April 2016


Mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik’s human rights have been violated during his imprisonment, a Norwegian court has ruled.

Breivik won parts of his lawsuit against the Norwegian state, in which he listed being fed the same food two days in a row, and being kept in isolation, as proof of ‘inhuman treatment’.

In his lawsuit, Beivik had stated that he had been a ‘victim of cruel and inhuman treatment’ in Skien prison, where he has an entire cellblock to himself and access to a computer and PlayStation.

During court proceedings Breivik claimed to have been ‘treated worse than an animal’, complaining about cold coffee, having to use plastic cutlery.

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