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Target Decides To Take Stand On Gender Neutral Bathrooms And It Doesn’t Go Well

From Young Conservatives
Andrew Mark Miller | April 20, 2016


Everyone has been weighing in on the question of whether or not society should be cool with men using women’s restrooms and locker rooms if they identify as a woman.

Clearly, we can come up with a better solution than that but the left insists that our entire society should be based on whatever people believe they are in their heads.

Target got in on the action recently and said they think their employees should use whatever bathroom they want.

As you can expect, they got some backlash.
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Opponents of the bathroom ordinance are praising the state government for protecting women from potential harm. While many transgender people pose no physical threat, the fact is sexual predators cannot be distinguished from other males because all a man has to say is “I identify as a woman” to use the bathroom. There is simply no way to weed out the true transgender person from those who aren’t.



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