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Man Builds Sanctuary For 450 Homeless Dogs To End Their Suffering

From iheartdogs.com
By Modi Ramos
For anyone who truly loves animals, we can’t stand the sight of them suffering. And for dogs that don’t have the joy of having a home, they want nothing more than to be loved. Sasa Pejčić of Serbia is one of those kinds of people that would do anything for an animal in need. He couldn’t stand the living conditions of many stray dogs in his native country, which were sadly almost everywhere he looked. He knew that for these dogs their fate was sealed, either it was to be death on the streets, or death after being snatched by a dogcatcher.
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Help Feed & Care for 600 Dogs in Serbia

Before they came to Sasa Pejčić’s shelter here in Nis, Serbia, each of these dogs walked through fire. They fended for themselves on the streets or in neglectful homes and so many of them arrived with broken bones and broken hearts. But HEALING takes place here. The dogs soon learn that they are loved and cared for. Life at the shelter is truly transformational, but there is no local help. The Harmony Fund is now sustaining this center through the kindness of animal lovers worldwide, but we’re short of the monthly goal needed to sustain this sanctuary. Please help today with a donation of whatever you can.

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