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Man Feeds 80 Stray Dogs A Day Because He Can’t Stand To See Them In Distress

From BarkPost
By Samantha Erb
Five years ago, a badly infected and malnourished mother dog approached Michael Baines’s restaurant. The Scotland native had been living in Thailand nine years, surrounding by hundreds of the country’s strays—but on that day and every day after, he began to feed her.

“And that’s how it all started,” he told Newsner. “And then it just kept going. I simply could not stand to see dogs in distress.”

Baines feeds roughly eighty street dogs per day in Thailand with a mixture of dry dog food, white rice, steamed fish, chicken, oil, and a homemade broth. Stopping three times daily to bring them food is no small chore, and the cost of his selflessness comes to roughly $1,000 per month.

Often Baines is partially funded through donations from individuals in the U.S., Sweden, Thailand, and Australia, but he still pays quite a bit out of pocket. He says:

I pass them every day to and from work while I walk my own dogs, who were all street dogs as well. I just can’t look at them and do nothing.

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Fundraising campaign by Michael Baines

My name is Michael J. Baines and I work with stray dogs in Thailand, and I work with them on the streets.
I feed around 70+ dogs per day.
As soon as I gain the dogs trust, by feeding them, we will try to catch, spay and neuter. I also provide the dogs with medicine. The trust is not won over night, as most of the dogs are scared of humans, so it takes time and a lot of food.
All this is paid from my own money (I get some donations, but it is not enough) and I work alone.
The money for food, only, is around 1000 USD per month (35 000 Baht) but if I get more donations, I could feed and care for more dogs. Meds and veterinary costs depends on what happens to the dogs.
For only 30 USD I can feed around 70-80 dogs per day – Help me, Help the dogs
I have 9 dogs, all are rescued/adopted, and that is My family.
“The man that rescues dogs” is a registered non profitable organisation since 2013.
Website: themanthatrescuesdogs.org

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