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Muslim Immigration Pt.10 | Videos

Hungary: Violent Swarms of Immigrants Attack Hungarian Border Police

Published on Sep 16, 2015
Immigrants attack border post, throwing rocks and missiles at Hungarian Police.


Some Refugees Throwing Away Food – They Want Halal

Published on Sep 6, 2015
This report is from Bavaria. Instead of being grateful for a place to live and food to eat. The food is not Halal. So they are throwing it away. They should all be sent back where they came from.


Damn Refugees Bitching About Food, Clothes, Housing, And Internet

Published on Oct 11, 2015


Muslim Refugees Dump Garbage from Balconies

Published on Oct 12, 2015
Why bother taking garbage down stairs to a dumpster when you don’t care one bit about those hosting you or paying for your food? Just toss it off the balcony and let someone else deal with it. This at Augsburg Asylum Center, Germany.


Transit Trash: Locals angry over garbage left behind by migrants and refugees

Published on Sep 10, 2015
Blankets, plastic bottles and cardboard boxes scattered on the ground. That’s the current state of the Hungarian-Serbian border, where hundreds of refugees are stuck in transit camps hoping to continue their journey to wealthier countries. in Serbia, which is also overwhelmed by migrants, locals are becoming irritated – as RT’s Daniel Bushell reports.

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