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Muslim Immigration Pt.14 | Videos


Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims.

Uploaded on Jan 7, 2012
Muslim Rape Gangs roaming Europe seeking white rape victims.
TV-news story from Norway about the Muslim immigrant/refugees raping in Oslo.


MUSLIMS IN (BERLIN) GERMANY: School Rioting & Welfare

Uploaded on Mar 15, 2011
Violence in the Rütli-Schule Hauptschule (secondary school) in the Neukölln made teaching impossible. The immigrant (mainly Muslims from Turkey) background of over 80% of the students, presented challenges in the education system. In the districts of Neukölln, welfare rates are 14.3%.


Muslim Refugees Throw Feces, Shout “Allahu Akbar” At Europeans

Published on Sep 9, 2015
Alex Jones covers the latest in the European migrant crisis as Muslim refugees attack European citizens and even throw feces while shouting “Allahu Akbar!” Germany in particular is facing massive protests over the situation.


Immigrants throw away the food and the water what they get

Published on Sep 4, 2015
Immigrants throw away the food and the water what they get. It happened in Hungary on 2015. September 3.


Turkish Nationalists in Germany: “With Allah’s help, we shall conquer You”, use Grey Wolves Salute

Published on Mar 29, 2016
On Saturday hundreds of Turkish Nationalists in Germany rallied in Duisburg against the Kurdish Worker’s Party (PKK) and for Turkish national sovereignty and security. They were seen using the “Grey Wolves” Salute, the Turkish equivalent of a National Socialist Salute commonly used as what is classified as a “neo-fascist” or “ulltra-nationalist” organization.
Their intention is creating a “Pan-Turkish empire”, unifying all members of the Turkish people under one banner and purging all enemy forces.
Their enemies include Kurds, Jews, Zionists, Christians, Armenians, Greeks, Homosexuals, Persians, Liberals and Communists, who are, ideally, to be eradicated.

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