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Muslim Immigration Pt.8 | Videos

Truck driver filmed aggressive migrant mob on the highway near Austria

Published on Sep 26, 2015
Mid-September, somewhere in Hungary or Austria. We will have a lot of fun with these people and thier “enriching culture”, I’m sure. Europe, wake up now or rest in peace.


Calais: illegal immigrants attacked a Hungarian truck on the highway

Published on Jun 17, 2015
Calais, France, Europe, June 2015.
Status from a Bulgarian truck, how can’t escape a Hugarian lorry (Waberer’s International).
Filmed by никола златанов


Migrants trampled on the food and demanded money – English subtitle

Published on Sep 25, 2015
To activate English subtitle, click the icon in the bottom right-hand corner.


Swedish church removes crosses to make Muslim migrants feel welcome

Published on Oct 6, 2015
Ezra Levant of TheRebel.media reports on the Swedish bishop who has ordered crosses removed from a Stockholm church to avoid offending Muslim migrants.

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