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UK Muslim population of 26 million by 2051?

From The Commentator
By Vincent Cooper | 24 Feb 2015
No-one but a fool engages in scaremongering. But using the statistics and analysis of the Muslim Council of Britain, there is a real prospect of a UK Muslim population of 26 million by mid-century. Whatever your politics, serious people need to debate this, sensibly and honestly. No problem there, right?

Could Muslims ever become a majority in Britain? It’s a question that divides people along a political Left-Right axis, with many on the Left denying Britain could ever become majority Muslim and those on the Right saying the country is, indeed, heading towards a Muslim majority.

Obviously, there is political ideology influencing opinion on the matter, with both sides accusing each other of advancing a political agenda; the Left in particular claiming that the Right are scare-mongering with the statistics.

And yet the question of Muslim demographics can and should be taken out of the political arena and looked at with whatever degree of accuracy the science of demographics can offer.
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