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Muslim Grooming Gang Statistics

muslim grooming gangs
Table showing total number of those jailed in England for grooming gang offences. Muslims are approximately 5% of the UK population, but they are over 90% of those convicted for grooming gang crimes. Here you can see not only the ages of the men, but also the towns with which their crimes were associated. When one considers that logically there must be in excess of 100,000 victims, the convictions below are the tip of a massive iceberg. Convictions are grouped by date of trial conclusion, then by town, then by surname. Norfolk’s pivotal article (2011) had around 50 convictions and this enabled a revolution in how the media responded to this phenomenon. Below there are now over 200 convictions. The name “Mohammed” has been rendered in a bold font.

 date  town  forename  surname  age
2016-02 Rotherham Karen MacGregor 58
2016-02 Rotherham Bannaras Hussain 36
2016-02 Rotherham Basharat Hussain 39
2016-02 Rotherham Arshid Hussain 40
2016-02 Rotherham Shelley Davies 40
2016-02 Rotherham Qurban Ali 53
2016-02 Rochdale Mohammed Zahid 45
2016-02 Rochdale Mahfuz Rahman 29
2016-02 Rochdale Kutab Miah 35
2016-02 Rochdale David Law 46
2016-02 Rochdale Abid Khan 39
2016-02 Rochdale Choudhry Hussain 38
2016-02 Rochdale Mohammed Dauood 38

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