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Horrific video shows sadistic man hanging a cat from a tree and using it as a PUNCHBAG

There is a special place in hell for sick bastards like this.
From Daily Mail
By Harriet Mallinson For Mailonline | Published: 05:54 EST, 25 April 2016 | Updated: 08:30 EST, 25 April 2016

3383EB2A00000578-3557418-image-m-37_1461579362353Dmitry Kiyanitsa


  • Dmitry Kiyanitsa was secretly filmed torturing the cat by animal activists
  • He hung the cat to a tree by a metal wire around its throat and punched it
  • The man also used a hose pipe and a stick to attack the cat
  • Kiyanitsa now faces charges of animal cruelty and faces jail if convicted


A sadistic man has been arrested for animal cruelty after he was caught on video hanging a cat from a tree and using it as a punchbag.

Animal rights activists secretly filmed Dmitry Kiyanitsa, 31, torturing felines at his home in the Ukrainian capital city of Kiev.

Svetlana Lavrikova and Yulia Khomenko had been tipped off by Kiyanitsa’s neighbours but needed evidence to get police involved.



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