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Muslim Immigration Pt.29 | Videos

Muslim Migrant beats rapes US woman while chanting Allahu Akbar

Published on Dec 9, 2015
ALIPAC is releasing this KLVY 11 video and InfoWars report by Paul Watson that shows the perils of unchecked illegal immigration and refugee resettlement policies that put American lives at risk.



Published on Jul 22, 2013
ISLAMAPHOBIA? HARDLY.TRY THE TRUTH. When you are basically a murderous mob waiting to happen you can get away with almost anything…..


Islam Ramps Up It’s War on Women as Muslim Men Gangrape Across Europe

Published on Jan 8, 2016


British Men Stoned in Birmingham (Part 1)

Published on Aug 14, 2013
Two animal lovers were stoned in Birmingham by Muslims whilst on a charity walk to raise funds for Birmingham Dogs Home, Nick Griffin recently took the opportunity to interview Steven and Vikki Ellis along with brother in law Jason Hendry for BNPtv.
It certainly makes interesting viewing and really is shocking that this can happen on the streets of our own country. Worryingly Muslims are increasingly starting to claim the streets where they live as their own designated Islamic areas, where white British people who venture there now have to bow down to their ways and beliefs.


British Men Stoned in Birmingham (Part 2)

Published on Aug 14, 2013
Nick interviews Vikki Ellis – family member who witnessed events that took place during Birmingham Mankini charity walk.
We would like to add that the lads put in a tremendous effort and raised over £300 for their chosen charity.
If anybody wishes to make a donation and we know there are plenty of dog lovers in our ranks, please make your cheques payable to “Birmingham Dogs Home” and post to 10 New Bartholomew Street , Digbeth, Birmingham B5 5QS. Please mention that your donation is being sent in response to Steven and Jason’s charity walk.

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